Uganda President Bans Homosexuality


photo courtesy of CNN

Matthew Williams

 On March 21st 2023, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and his fellow lawmakers approved some of the harshest LGBTQ+ laws ever recorded. Some homosexual acts are even punishable by death, life imprisonment, or prison for 20 years. Identifying as LGBTQ+ was already illegal in Uganda, and these new laws and punishments make Uganda even more unsafe for them. 


In a YouTube video posted of Uganda’s president speaking on this matter, Mr. Museveni said, “We will make sure this country is free of sinners and is not a safe place for homosexuals.” This Clip of the Uganda president has gone viral on all social media and has reached millions of views on TIK TOK. 


There are some cases however where if homosexual acts have been committed they are not considered crimes. This includes if a person has been raped by someone who is the same sex. Then the victim would be free of all charges and only the offender would be charged. Also if you are a child in the eyes of the law then the minor will be granted no charges as they will try to “Fix You,” according to Ugandan LawMakers. Finally, those with diagnosed mental illnesses can save you from the homosexual crimes committed. 


Lawmaker Asuman Basalirwa said, “it protects our culture, religion and traditional family values of Ugandans from the acts that are likely to promote sexual promiscuity in this country”. Even though this bill was passed, not everyone agreed with the terms. Another Lawmaker, Fox Odoi-Oyelowo, highly disagreed with these new laws. Mr. Oyelowo an Ugandan Lawmaker said, “it takes away their fundamental rights as a human being”. 


A Ugandan LGBTQ+ activist Frank Mugisha used to be a leader in big protests for gay rights. He has not been around since this new bill has passed, and people speculate he is probably scared for his life. According to CNN News, some Lawmakers are worried these new laws will cause rebellions and mob riots. Violent protests and riots could end up very bad for Uganda.


Currently Uganda is in a very tough state as a country. People are still trying to fight for their rights and CNN news said “one of the most extreme features of this new bill is that it criminalizes people for just being who they are.” Hopefully Uganda can find a way to solve this issue without any bloodshed and respect everyone’s human rights.