Photo taken by Chris Baldwin
Theory of Relativity
Chris Baldwin April 21, 2021

Last year, the Timberlane Players produced a musical called “Pippin.” Sadly ,due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the musical was cancelled just a few days before it’s opening days. But, with all of the cast members putting...

Photos courtesy of The Eagle Tribune, NHPR, and The Keene Sentinel
The Superintendent Search
Maria Heim February 20, 2021

The Timberlane Superintendent Search Committee has been searching for the perfect fit for superintendent. Upon the departure of former superintendent Dr. Earl Metzler, citizens of SAU55 have been wondering who will be the...

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Bank Fraud by Manager in Salem
Jayson Caissie April 21, 2021

Kazi Pervez, who managed a Santander Bank branch in Salem, managed to “steal or attempt to steal more than $560,000 from the bank,” according to an article by the United States Department of Justice.    According...

Rising Gas Prices
Jared Appleton April 21, 2021

Gas prices have increased mainly based on demand since our economy has been bouncing back from coronavirus. Demand for gas is much higher now than ever before. In April 2020, gas priced at the minimum of 1.87 a gallon. Today,...

Smuggled Galapagos Turtles
Maddie Zambrowicz April 21, 2021

In the Galapagos there was an incident where someone was smuggling turtles back to the United States. According to the BBC, one hundred eighty-five Galapagos turtles were wrapped in plastic and stuck in a suitcase by a smuggler....

The Details Regarding the Ship Stuck in the Suez Canal
Katelyn Giangregorio April 21, 2021

On March 23, 2021, a 220,000 ton ship coming from China wedged itself sideways into a slim section of the Suez Canal, located in Egypt. The ship “The Ever Given”, is a 1,300 foot container ship that was headed to Europe...

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Juniors Preparing for the SATs
Lauren Oliver April 21, 2021

As the school year winds down, Juniors take their next steps to Senior year by taking the SATs. This test will measure their readiness for college by proving their knowledge to their future colleges. The...

Photo Courtesy of TRHS
Fatherhood’s Best Kept Secret: With Mr. Castano
Lauren Violette April 21, 2021

Michael Castano is Timberlane’s king of dad jokes. How did he become such a master of puns? I sat down with him to find out. Michael Castano has loved dad jokes since he was a kid, but they’ve recently...

What new Fundraisers are Project Hope Doing?
Averie Bowman April 21, 2021

Due to the pandemic, like most organizations, Project Hope had to get creative with fundraising. Project Hope is an organization solely for the purpose of fundraising money which we can donate back to...

Photo Courtesy of TRHS
A Night to Remember
Jacy Lecain March 25, 2021

Something that we have been hearing for a while now is that corona has affected us all in many ways. From not being able to attend football games to not getting our typical spirit week, I think that it...

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Photo courtesy of Kailey McCarthy
Wicked New Cafe
Kailey McCarthy April 21, 2021

Since opening in 2017, Wicked Mini Cafe, originally known as Wicked Mini Donuts, has become very popular. According to the Wicked Mini Cafe website,...

Image courtesy of Target/amie
Target’s New Skincare Line
Kayla Pothier April 21, 2021

Early 2021 brought dozens of new skincare products to our local Target shelves. Some skincare products are top of the line, such as Amie, which...

Nelly's Pizza Shop
Michael Hollow March 24, 2021

Usually we find ourselves wondering what new restaurant we should try for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When we think about these things we are...

How to Pick Your Major
Jordan Christian April 21, 2021

As the end of the school year comes to a close for high school students, many seniors and juniors are struggling to determine what major to focus...

First Time Training a Puppy?
Michael Gianelly April 21, 2021

Training puppies is one of the most tedious things to do if you're doing it for the first time.When first training your pup, it is important...

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Keeping Your Car Dust Free
Zachary Gleason March 24, 2021

Is your vehicle interior always dusty and covered in dirt? Well may I suggest purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner that’s good for cars. Dirt...

Shopping on Shein
Kira Ouellette March 23, 2021

Online shopping store, Shein, has recently become popular among teenagers for their clothes, bathing suits, and accessories. The fast fashion...

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports
Patriots Free Agency Moves
Trevor Baggett April 21, 2021

After a seven and nine season in the first year without Tom Brady, the Patriots wasted no time getting involved in free agency signings starting...

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NBA Trade Deadline Moves
Ryan Hogan April 21, 2021

March 25, 2021 was the NBA trade deadline. As the season is more than half over, many teams are looking to make a push for the playoffs.  Teams...

Timberlane Wrestling 2021 State Champions
Chris Baldwin March 23, 2021

With another year in the books, Timberlane Wrestling won yet another state championship which makes this their 28th state title. This year was...

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
D1 Swim Recruit Taking State by Storm
Trevor Baggett February 19, 2021

Louisville swim recruit, Ryan Hogan, continues to impress as he breaks school and state records in his last and only high school swim season....

Photo courtesy of Ice Center News
Will Timberlane be Hitting the Ice This Year?
Trevor Baggett January 23, 2021

After many setbacks and doubts about having a season, the Timberlane Regional High School Hockey team will be practicing and participating in...

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