Photo courtesy of Maddie Fontaine
Freshman Coming To High School
Maddie Fontaine October 1, 2021

Welcome to high school! We're finally back to a regular school year and it is going to take some getting used to. Let's all start this year off strong. Are freshmen this year ready to move up to high school? Highschool can...

Photo taken by Chris Baldwin
Theory of Relativity
Chris Baldwin April 21, 2021

Last year, the Timberlane Players produced a musical called “Pippin.” Sadly ,due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the musical was cancelled just a few days before it’s opening days. But, with all of the cast members putting...

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What are the Chances?
Emily Hatt and Taylor Holt October 1, 2021

It was an early March morning when our friend Brody Waldron got out of bed and checked his phone. His phone was blowing up. He soon discovered he had won a giveaway from Stevewilldoit. Steve told all his followers on Youtube...

North Korea Nuclear Capability
Eric George October 1, 2021

North Korea has the fourth strongest nuclear capability in the world. As of today, North Korea has more nuclear weapons than they have ever had. According to a North Korean news article they make 6-7 bombs a year. They...

Afghan Women Protest for Their Rights Under the Taliban
Victoria McIntyre October 1, 2021

The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan again. They have been wanting to regain control of the country for the past 20 years. After 9/11, America sent troops to Afghanistan to keep control over the terrorist organizations...

Photo Courtesy of NCEI
Global Warming Causes Extreme Weather This Summer
Sarah Richman September 30, 2021

As a result of global warming, extreme weather events occurred throughout the United States this summer. With record high temperatures, states saw raging wildfires, multiple tropical storms, and severe flooding across a wide...

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Photo courtesy of Cole Newman
September Beard of the Month
Cole Newman and Bryce Parker October 1, 2021

The decision to grow a beard is a serious commitment that cannot be taken on by just anybody. The ability to grow a beard is mostly genetic, but a person’s grooming choices can make or break the style...

Photo Courtesy of TRHS
Timberlane Regional High School Parking
Alyssa Kontos September 30, 2021

Receiving a parking spot at Timberlane Regional High School is a privilege.  According to the Timberlane Regional High School student handbook, it states, “To be eligible for this privilege, a student...

Photo Courtesy of Callie Fitzgerald
Senior Courtyard: Worth The Hype?
Callie Fitzgerald September 30, 2021

TIMBERLANE REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL - Being able to walk out the 500 hallway doors and sit down outside during a free period or lunch is something that seniors look forward to during their first three years...

Photo courtesy of Sam Szczapa
Timberlane Sports Fan of the Month
Sam Szczapa September 29, 2021

In order to be the Timberlane sports fan of the month, you need to show school pride, dedication, and excel in school. There are many people who meet these standards, but there is one person in particular...

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Is Lululemon worth it?
Breeze Dennis October 1, 2021

Could you imagine spending $100 dollars on leggings? Many people do it. Some people argue over whether Lululemon products are worth the money....

Back From Hiatus, Almighty Isaiah Rashad Releases “The House Is Burning”
Sean Chanakira and Emma Cochrane October 1, 2021

Isaiah Rashad, out from the shadows: Is the house burning? Or is this album the farthest thing from fire... Isaiah Rashad, 30 years from Los...

Image courtesy of Netflix
Tik Tok Star Addison Rae’s New Movie
Britt Brogna October 1, 2021

On August 27th, 2021, the movie “He’s all that”  made its debut on Netflix. The film is centered around Tik Tok star Adision Rae. According...

Avoid the Fast Fashion Trend
Kayla Pech October 4, 2021

Fashion trends are switching in and out faster than people can even enjoy the fun of a new style and concept. The coconut girl, cottage core,...

Photo Courtesy of HBR
Financing and How to Budget Wisely as a Teenager
Savannary Anna Sideri September 30, 2021

As teenagers we are starting to get used to the real world. That real world being, becoming adults. Scary, am I right? Some of us may be unemployed...

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures
The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped and here’s why you need to rewatch Tobey and Andrew’s movies right now
Emma Gagne September 29, 2021

Ever since the announcement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, everyone and their mother has been anticipating Spider-Man: No Way...

Photo Courtesy of Amazon
Keeping Your Car Dust Free
Zachary Gleason March 24, 2021

Is your vehicle interior always dusty and covered in dirt? Well may I suggest purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner that’s good for cars. Dirt...

Photo courtesy of The Las Vegas Raiders official website
New Faces In Vegas
Sean Hurley October 1, 2021

Trouble in the pocket. That might be all Derek Carr is going to get this season. With the 2022 season starting soon, The Raiders have lost one...

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia
Mental Health at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games
Lauren Hayes September 30, 2021

TOKYO — During the 2021 Olympic games, Simone Biles, reigning individual all-around gold medalist in Women's Gymnastics, stepped out of the...

Photo courtesy of the Timberlane Dance Team
Will The Dance Team Season Be Saved?
Anna Gleckman October 1, 2021

Unfortunately, this year the Timberlane dance team coaches had to step down from their roles because of not having time due to their jobs and...

Photo Courtesy of TRHS Football
Timberlane Football’s Best Kicker
Brayden LaSala September 30, 2021

Harrison bloom may be the Best Kicker the Owl has seen in years and most likely ever. Harrison bloom the Kicker for the Timberlane football...

Photo Courtesy of Matt Fairhurst
The Timberlane Cross Country Team Is Growing
Matt Fairhurst September 30, 2021

Timberlane Regional High School- The Timberlane High School cross country team is growing in size and talent this year. There are 18 boys and...

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