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TRHS Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2022
Matthew Williams October 27, 2022

Timberlane High School has elected five new alums, a former coach, and the 2009 state champion field hockey team to the Athletic Hall of Fame. From the class of 98 is Taylor Smith and Julie Tardif, Kyle Harrington from the...

Timberlane’s Spirit Week
Cole Priest and Sean Ward September 27, 2022

October 17th is the most important week in Timberlane’s school year. Why is that? it is the start of this year's spirit week. There’re so many exciting themes, ones that have never been seen before. According to the...

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Photo Courtesy of Vadim Ghirda
Russian Retreats From Key City in Southern Ukraine
Aiden Errico November 27, 2022

Thursday, February 24 2022 - shocked the world when Russian forces stormed into Ukraine. Nearly a year later and 15,246 civilian deaths later, Russian forces retreated from Kherson. Kherson, a key city in south Ukraine has...

Photo courtesy of NBCnews
Tragedy Strikes South Korea with Halloween Stampede
Alexa Simone and Kadence Burke November 22, 2022

On Saturday October 29, 2022, tragedy struck South Korea when a stampede of people trampled and killed 156 others. According to National Public Radio, there is not an exact cause as to how the stampede was started. However,...

Photo courtesy of CNN
Deadly Morbi Bridge Collapse in India: Accident or Tragedy?
Alexis Hornsby November 22, 2022

On November 1, 2022,  at least 141 people, mostly children, women, and the elderly, died when the Morbi Bridge snapped and collapsed in Gujarat in eastern India. According to authorities, they do not know if it was an unfortunate...

Yellowstone National Park North Entrance Reopens After The Summer Flood
Matthew Mazur November 22, 2022

Yellowstone National Park North Entrance reopened after flooding in early June. Heavy flooding caused by rain and quick melting of snowpack halted Yellowstone National Park visitors in early June from entering the North Entrance.    According...

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Timberlane Music Association Department Fundraisers
Ava Alexopoulos November 27, 2022

From Applebees, to calendar sales, and to mattresses, the Timberlane Music Association Department has started fundraisers to raise money for the upcoming Disney trip during April vacation. The department...

Photo courtesy of Bella Keogh and Jake Bilicki
Tutoring from MHS
Bella Keogh and Jake Bilicki November 22, 2022

Starting this year at the Peer Assisted Learning Support in Timberlane High School Math Assisted Coaching Room, Math Honors Society is offering in school tutoring every day to students in need of academic...

Seniors Against Signing In and Out
Bella Keogh October 26, 2022

Seniors at TRHS are required to sign in and out of the building when coming or going during the school day. TRHS does not allow for an open-campus where students can come and go as they please. Seniors...

Simply Rooted - October Edition
Simply Rooted - October Edition
October 25, 2022

Hello Timberlane! The Fall season is in full swing and delivering us straight into the Holidays. But let’s start with some exciting things happening here at TRSD. Your Whitsons team has been serving...

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T Swiz Midnight Album Rankings
Madisyn Vance and Sadie Dolloff November 22, 2022

Taylor Swift just released her new album containing 13 songs. She also released 7 more “3 am” tracks. “Snow on the Beach” is the only...

Photo Courtesy of Royal Reporter
Welcome to Victory Review
Lyla Macaluso October 26, 2022

Based on the 1950’s fantasy lifestyle, Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) live isolated in the California desert in the experimental...

Where to Pick Apples
Lucas Merrill and Evan Martin October 26, 2022

There are many different locations to go apple picking in New Hampshire, however, Applecrest farm is the best orchard to visit.. Not only can...

How To Cook a Turkey
Lucas Merrill and Evan Martin November 22, 2022

With Thanksgiving around the corner, families are preparing for their main dishes. Dishes cannot be complete without the use of recipes, and...

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Maddies spinach dip This is my recipe and my review.
Madisyn Vance October 26, 2022

I am maddie. I make spinach dip. This isn't just spinach dip, this is spinach artichoke dip. Even if you do not like artichokes you'll love this....

Photo courtesy of Victoria Paquette
It's time to BeReal
Matthew Mazur and Victoria Paquette October 26, 2022

Would you love to see what all of your friends are doing during the day? Now you can with BeReal! It is an app where you post once a day at a...

Photo Courtesy of Adidas
Why You Should Be Wearing Platform Shoes
Lyla Macaluso September 27, 2022

Don’t like getting your feet wet when roaming shoeless though the streets? Neither did the elitist French in 1547. Meaning if you’ve ever...

Photo Courtesy of NHL
NHL Season Update
Cam Ingram November 27, 2022

With the NHL season hitting the one month mark it is time for a quick recap and early Stanley Cup predictions. The season has been off to a wild...

Photo Courtesy of Chron
Astros Throw 2nd No Hitter in World Series History
KC Achilles November 27, 2022

The Houston Astros threw a No Hitter in game 4 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. This is the second time a team has been...

Photo courtesy of Joy Sapienza
Playoff Season for Timberlane Sports
Camden Zambrowicz November 22, 2022

Timberlane’s football and girls soccer teams each earned a playoff spot after the 2022 regular season. After finishing the regular season 7-2,...

Timberlane Ski Team Excited For Season
Matthew Williams November 22, 2022

Timberlane Regional High School is rolling into winter sports. The ski team is ready to be back in action. After making the switch to division...

Photo Courtesy of Izzy DiNapoli
Field Hockey Wins in OT!
Izzy DiNapoli October 26, 2022

The Varsity Field Hockey team had a crazy 1-0 overtime win over Salem on September 30th, which was also their senior night. The game was scoreless...

image courtesy of Warner Brothers
The Best Batman
Jacob Lambert April 21, 2022

First introduced in Detective Comics issue 27 in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman has become one of the biggest pop culture icons in...

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The Oscars
Amy DiVito April 21, 2022

The Oscars were held on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. This was the 94th annual Oscars and the Oscars started back...

Photo Courtesy of Complex
Will Smith Rocking Chris During the Oscars
Lexus Petralia April 21, 2022

It’s not very often you see a celebrity hit another celebrity at an award ceremony. The 2022 Oscars went out with a huge bang and left everyone...

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