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Senior Assassin Takes Over TRHS
Anna Gleckman October 28, 2021

The class of 2022 senior assassin game has seniors begging for mercy. This game is not affiliated with Timberlane Regional High School in any way. According to the games instagram page, senior assassin begins with everyone...

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The Truth Behind Themed Football Games
Mackenzie Mlocek October 28, 2021

As most know, the football season is here and Timberlane High School students are excited. Friday nights is the time for everyone to come together and cheer on our varsity football team as well as cheer and the marching band....

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Rising Gas Prices: A Continued Effect of COVID-19 Shutdowns
Sarah Richman November 22, 2021

Recently, gas prices nationwide have been extremely high, both because there is an increased demand for gas now that COVID-19 is less of a threat in the United States and because of a shortage in oil production. At the...

Photo Courtesy of Daily News
Seabrook Shooting
Alyssa Kontos and Ethan Gerry November 22, 2021

One killed and one wounded in a double shooting in Seabrook, NH. The shooting happened on Monday November 1, 2021. The police received a call about the shooting around 9:03am on Monday morning. The shooting was located at...

The Covid 19 Pandemic is Far from Over
Molly OConnor and Britt Brogna November 22, 2021

Believe it or not, the world has been living in a pandemic for nearly two years. Covid 19 was initially reported on December 31st, 2019 in China. On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic...

Will Shipping issues affect holiday shopping?
Victoria McIntyre November 22, 2021

Everywhere in the nation is experiencing delivery delays which is normal this time of year, but not to this scale. According to CNBC, global trade took a large hit due to Covid-19 and is now back but with many shortcomings....

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Photo courtesy of Cole Newman and Bryce Parker
No Shave November Beard of the Month
Cole Newman and Bryce Parker November 22, 2021

With the weather turning cold and everyone gearing up for the Holidays, it is clear that the month of November is upon us. A tradition that has been a part of November for more than a decade is the beloved...

Timberlanes New Music Director
Timberlane's New Music Director
Jacob Lambert November 22, 2021

In 2006 Kurt Schweiss began his career as a teacher at an elementary school named Chester academy. Freshly graduated from UNH earlier that year it was his first time having a full time teaching job, as...

Photo courtesy of Cooper Kelley
Why AP Human Geography Is Criminally Underrated
Cooper Kelley November 22, 2021

Timberlane students in search of a class beyond the accelerated level or those who are in hopes of pursuing college credits should look no further than AP Human Geography. Timberlane offers 19 distinguished...

Photo courtesy of Landis Nadeau
If You Ain’t Walmart-Croccin’, You Ain’t Rockin
Taylor Dionne November 8, 2021

The Students at Timberlane High School never fail to create new and surprising fashion trends. Most recently, many students have decided that the Walmart-brand Crocs, also known as the Eva Clog, are the...

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Photo Courtesy of Celsius
Celsius: How Good Is It?
Lauren Hayes November 22, 2021

Running low on energy? Grab a Celsius and get energized! Celsius is an energy drink advertised to be “your partner in an active lifestyle.”...

Apex Legends 2021 Review
Max Morrier November 22, 2021

Respawn Entertainment is the team of creators of the game Apex Legends, and the publisher is EA also known as Electronics Arts.  It had a surprise...

Is this the Best Place to Bowl?
Emily Hatt November 22, 2021

Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury, Massachusetts features thirty six bowling lanes. There is candlepin and tenpin bowling available. According to their...

Image courtesy of Business Insider
Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
Mia Ryder November 21, 2021

Are you going shopping for the holidays but want to avoid sickness and large quantities of chaotic shoppers? Try switching from Black Friday...

Are you Really That Boring?
Ashlyn Lally November 21, 2021

Have you ever experienced a time where you had to crack a joke to break the silence? Or maybe you’ve had to insert a comical quip into an extremely boring...

Photo courtesy of Landis Nadeau
If You Ain’t Walmart-Croccin’, You Ain’t Rockin
Taylor Dionne November 8, 2021

The Students at Timberlane High School never fail to create new and surprising fashion trends. Most recently, many students have decided that...

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures
The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped and here’s why you need to rewatch Tobey and Andrew’s movies right now
Emma Gagne September 29, 2021

Ever since the announcement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, everyone and their mother has been anticipating Spider-Man: No Way...

Photo Courtesy of Twitter
Breakout Players Halfway Through the 2021 NFL Season
Dom SanSoucie November 22, 2021

Ja’Marr Chase The leading player for Rookie of the Year is living up to his draft day hype and potential we all saw in college half way...

Photo Courtesy of SB Nation
Patriots Playoffs Hopes on the Rise
Konrad Parker November 22, 2021

Charlotte, NC- Displays of true teamwork radiated throughout the walls of Bank of America Stadium this past Sunday as the New England Patriots...

Photo Courtesy of Callie Fitzgerald
Timberlane’s Cheer Team Takes The Mat After Two Years
Callie Fitzgerald and Delaney Condon November 22, 2021

After a virtual state competition last year, this season was the first time in two years any high school cheer team competed at an in person...

Timberlane Football in the Playoffs
Griffin Roeger November 22, 2021

After many lackluster football seasons by the Timberlane Owls, they have taken a huge leap in their performance. They went 9-0 in the regular...

Photo courtesy of the Timberlane Dance Team
Will The Dance Team Season Be Saved?
Anna Gleckman October 1, 2021

Unfortunately, this year the Timberlane dance team coaches had to step down from their roles because of not having time due to their jobs and...

Photo courtesy of Andrew Wendowski
The Inside Scoop On Luke Bryan
Anna Gleckman November 22, 2021

Luke Bryan, the guy that started out working at a grocery store, has been winning country music fans heart’s since 2001. He released his debut...

Best Fashion in Hip-Hop
Grace Brennan and Brady Sola November 22, 2021

Rakim Athelaston Mayers, also known as A$AP Rocky, was born October 3, 1998 in Harlem, New York. His father grew up in Barbados, his mother in...

Photo courtesy of Penn Live
Britney Spears Conservatorship
Grace Pascucci November 21, 2021

Britney Spears is a celebrity almost many people in our society have heard about at one point or another, but she has been a very hot topic to...

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