Final Weeks of Senior Year
Jessica Dow April 3, 2023

With Quarter Four starting in less then two weeks, the final days of high school are starting to approach the class of 2023. Although some are eager to get out of TRHS and move on with their life, there are still quite a...

photo courtesy of Mrs. LeFebvre
Refugees Come To Timberlane
Matthew Williams December 16, 2022

Refugees from many different countries visited Timberlane on December 2nd 2022. They all go to Concord High School because Concord has one of the biggest refugee rescue areas in the U.S. The teen refugees came to visit timberlane...

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Photo Courtesy of CNN
State Of Emergency Due To Wildfires
Gavin Billcliff May 15, 2023

25,000 people were forced to leave their homes after large scale wildfires swept through areas of Alberta, Canada. A state of emergency was declared on May 7th.  On Saturday, May 6th, firefighters reported a shocking...

photo courtesy of CNN
Uganda President Bans Homosexuality
Matthew Williams April 19, 2023

 On March 21st 2023, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and his fellow lawmakers approved some of the harshest LGBTQ+ laws ever recorded. Some homosexual acts are even punishable by death, life imprisonment, or prison for...

Photo courtesy of Free Range American
Super Pig Invasion
Matthew Mazur April 19, 2023

Ever wonder what happens if animals not native to the land get let out into the field to be free? Well, farmers in Canada released 300 non-native pigs into the wild in 2001, which caused a disaster.   These pigs...

Photo courtesy of NBC News
Deepest Fish was Filmed in Japan
Ryan Livolsi April 19, 2023

In a groundbreaking discovery, a team of Japanese scientists captured a snailfish at the deepest depths ever recorded. It was previously assumed that fish could not live at such depths. According to BBC the creature was found...

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Meet Chef Steve!
The Hoot Staff December 20, 2022

The Hoot staff was very curious to learn more about Chef Steve and his exciting and delicious new menu changes.  In mid-December he was generous enough to take a few minutes from preparing some fantastic...

Photo Courtesy of Steve Boucher
Student vs Faculty Basketball Game
Jaden Mwangi and Braidon Bowman December 20, 2022

It's that time of the year again. The Mealey's Meals faculty vs students basketball game is Thursday, December 22nd in the gymnasium. The fundraiser has been going on for many years now and all proceeds...

Timberlane Music Association Department Fundraisers
Ava Alexopoulos November 27, 2022

From Applebees, to calendar sales, and to mattresses, the Timberlane Music Association Department has started fundraisers to raise money for the upcoming Disney trip during April vacation. The department...

Photo courtesy of Bella Keogh and Jake Bilicki
Tutoring from MHS
Bella Keogh and Jake Bilicki November 22, 2022

Starting this year at the Peer Assisted Learning Support in Timberlane High School Math Assisted Coaching Room, Math Honors Society is offering in school tutoring every day to students in need of academic...

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Photo courtesy of Madisyn and Sadie
Sadie Dolloff and Madisyn Vance April 19, 2023

Dunkin donuts released the Irish creme coffee on March 15, 2023. Everyone on facebook was talking about how they were so excited to try this...

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Is Portals Melanie’s Best Album Yet?
Alexa Simone and Kadence Burke April 19, 2023

Melanie Martinez broke her silence after four years with her new album, Portals. Portals is quite a different style from her past three albums....

The Night Agent Rising To Fame
Carmella Defina and Jessica Dow April 19, 2023

The Night Agent is a new Netflix original that is now streaming on their platform. The show revolves around an FBI agent Peter Sutherland and...

College or Not?
Brady White April 19, 2023

Going to college is a big decision that many high school students make. While some people believe that attending college is the best choice,...

Image courtesy of Alcohol and Drug Foundation website
Are Steroids Bad?
Matthew Mazur March 28, 2023

Do you ever feel “small” while looking at professional bodybuilders? Do you want to look like them? Well, don’t be too jealous, because...

Is the New Fad Game of the Month?
Sean Ward and Cole Priest December 16, 2022 is a new iphone game developed by the company Habby. This game is one of the most addicting new games of the year.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Paquette
It's time to BeReal
Matthew Mazur and Victoria Paquette October 26, 2022

Would you love to see what all of your friends are doing during the day? Now you can with BeReal! It is an app where you post once a day at a...

photo courtesy of PBS
UConn Men's Basketball Wins National Championship
Camden Zambrowicz April 19, 2023

By defeating San Diego State 76-59, the UConn Huskies gathered their fifth National Championship title in the past 24 years. Even though San...

Photo courtesy of The Hill
LSU Wins National Championship against Iowa
Ella Raposo April 19, 2023

Iowa had a historic season but it has an abrupt end against LSU in the National Championship.   During the first quarter, Iowa’s...

Photo Courtesy of Joy Sapienza
Timberlane Boys Lacrosse Searches for First State Title
Trey Baker and Dom Coppeta May 15, 2023

Could this be the year when the Timberlane Owls Boys Lacrosse team takes home that trophy? After a disappointing loss last season in the semi...

Will The Owls Turn It Around?
Will The Owls Turn It Around?
Jaden Mwangi March 28, 2023

The great lyricist Paulo Coelho once said “You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit.” For the Timberlane Varsity...

Photo by Jake Bilicki
Boys Volleyball Has High Hopes For Upcoming Season
Jake Bilicki March 28, 2023

Boys varsity volleyball enters this upcoming season with high hopes. They ended last year with a surprising loss in the first round of the postseason...

photo courtesy of Variety
Is Kanye’s Career Really Over?
Jack Birdsall April 19, 2023

Kanye West is a rapper from Chicago, known as one of the greatest, most influential rappers of all time, but has also caused lots of controversy...

Photo Courtesy of Live Nation Entertainment
Was The SZA S.O.S. Tour Worth The Money?
Emily Paradis March 28, 2023

Whether you love her or hate her, popular singer SZA is blowing up all over the world. Solána Imani Rowe, also known as SZA, is an American...

Photo Courtesy of Radio Times
Star Wars Resurgence On Disney+
Cam Ingram March 28, 2023

Star Wars looks to be on the way back to the top with their TV shows being streamed on Disney+. At this moment their animated show “The Bad...

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