Is the New Fad Game of the Month?

Sean Ward and Cole Priest is a new iphone game developed by the company HabbyThis game is one of the most addicting new games of the year. is downloadable on any device or web store including app store, google play, and web store. is an amazing past time and I believe that you should open your app store right now and download this game.

In you play as a little person in a world full of zombies. The character starts with a small pistol and you have to kill zombies to gain experience and unlock new abilities. There are 60 levels within the game. Each level has three different bosses, and the total time to complete each level is 15 minutes. To progress further into the game you collect gold and experience to upgrade your equipment to succeed in further levels. It is super addicting to complete the levels and try to progress as far as you possibly can in the game. So many others have experienced this sense of accomplishment. This has lead to receive an amazing review on the app store. is currently ranked number nine on the top charts on the google play store. It has a 4.7 star rating with over 100,000 reviewers. One reviewer named ‘Electro Junky’ left a review that claims “ Your hunger for customization and thoughtful strategic plays is satiated, and your thirst for levels upon levels upon levels is quenched. There’s seemingly no end in sight, although I know I will get there myself with how addicted I am.” Electro speaks on how this game gives you an addicting satisfaction from the constant level ups.” another avid player , Andrew Morin, also speaks on the game claiming “It makes me feel like i’m on top of the world”  

In conclusion, is such a simply yet amazingly addicting game and I believe you should download it today.