LSU Wins National Championship against Iowa


Photo courtesy of The Hill

Ella Raposo

Iowa had a historic season but it has an abrupt end against LSU in the National Championship.


During the first quarter, Iowa’s Point Guard Catilin Clark started off strong for Iowa going 4-4 and scoring 14 points. Monika Czinano, McKenna Warnock, and Caitlin Clark all got fouls during the game. Clark had three alone and the other two girls had 2 fouls each. This gave LSU an advantage with some extra time with the ball and some easy foul shots.  LSU also had foul problems, but the bench scored 29 first-half points and Iowa could not make up the difference. As the game went on, according to CNN,  Iowa missed some easy early-on shots but ended up shooting 50%, but LSU shot 58% with a 9/12 from 3-point range. Iowa trailed at halftime, 59-42.


During the third quarter, Caitlin Clark picked up a technical foul after throwing the ball away from the play. Which was her 4th foul so she was  Immediately subbed out of the game. During the fourth quarter, LSU got more into their groove and looked way more comfortable. Angel Reese waved one hand in front of Caitlin Clark and said, “You can’t see me” which was one of the famous gestures that Caitlin Clark made in previous matches.


This became a huge outbreak on Twitter with famous people and professional athletes tweeting about it. Shannon Sharpe tweeted, “When Caitlin Clark did it, it was swag, but when Angel Reese does it, it’s classless. It’s very clear. This is not about anything else but race.” Most people were in support of Angel Reese including John Cena, who is known for the “you can’t see me” hand gesture. John Cena tweeted, “Even if they could see you…they couldn’t guard you!” There was also a video where a girl walked away flawlessly after a car burned into flames, and the caption was “Angel Reese to all the haters after winning the national championship” Which Lebron James responded with “FACTS!!! Love to see it” Reese’s response to the haters was “I’m too hood, I’m too ghetto. Y’all told me that all year. But when other people do it, y’all don’t say anything. So this is for the girls that look like me.” In the end, LSU got their first NCAA title in their program history and won, 102-85.