Photo courtesy of Madisyn and Sadie

Sadie Dolloff and Madisyn Vance

Dunkin donuts released the Irish creme coffee on March 15, 2023. Everyone on facebook was talking about how they were so excited to try this new flavor. There were very mixed opinions about the coffee though, once everyone started drinking it. 

In “all things dunkin ‘” facebook group many people have been going back and forth with their opinions. Mary Swisher created a post asking, “What does everyone think about the Irish Creme flavor?” About 50% said they liked the coffee and about 50% said they did not like the coffee. It was split very evenly on everyone’s opinions. Some people thought the flavor was too subtle and others thought it was too sweet. Jane Bartlett said “I hate it. I thought it tasted so much like alcohol. Reminded me of the last time I got black out wasted and I think that it was the first time I have never finished an iced coffee.”. While on the other hand many people just wrote that they loved it like Patrick Ferrell who wrote “wish they had it year round”. Some people had mixed opinions like Heather Brown who wrote “ I loved it last year but it’s not the same. Definitely an alcohol taste this year. Maybe if I added another swirl with it? I am disappointed.”

Madisyn and I both bought the coffee to try it and give our opinions. Maddie said “ The swirl is too sweet. I wouldn’t throw it out but it would never be my go to. It mostly tasted like sugar but with a weird aftertaste. I think that I wouldn’t buy it for the $3.35 it costs.” She did not love it but also didn’t hate the new flavor. I think the coffee was okay. I definitely wouldn’t say it would ever be my favorite but it isn’t horrible. If it came down to that flavor or nothing I would get it. It just has a very sweet flavor and has a weird aftertaste. Try the coffee for yourself and see what you think.