Tornado Strikes Nine States Across America


Photo courtesy of CNN

Lucas Merrill and Evan Martin

Tornados are one of the most dangerous natural disasters that occur in certain parts of the country. They are known to cause mass destruction and destroy anything in their way, possibly killing and injuring civilians. As of early April, America has been getting hit with multiple tornados across the midwest and south, leaving many to suffer. 

As of Sunday, April 2nd, According to ABC News, nine states in the midwest and south have been hit by many tornadoes and storms, causing the deaths of 32 people, and leaving several injured. During a recent storm outbreak, there have been more than 50 reports on tornadoes that spread across seven states. These tornadoes are bringing destruction to local communities, destroying homes, businesses, roofs, trees, and are sending vehicles flying. Communities are also experiencing hail that is the size of golf balls stated by CNN. Paul Scmidt on Facebook says, “Worst hail I’ve ever heard in Davenport.” There are winds reported going up to 70 miles per hour as well.

According to ABC News, across the nine states that have been affected by these tornadoes, there have been fatalities in Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, and Mississippi. This count includes both adults and children, with a possibility of more to be found. Those who were not directly affected are still experiencing power outages, with over 100 thousand residents experiencing power outages. Mayor of Wynne, Arkansas says this, “I don’t know how to put it into words. It was devastating…” There are also over ten million people in Texas who have been placed under weather watch and to prepare for a level 3 of 5 storm. 

With millions placed under tornado and weather watch, and the possibility of more tornadoes to strike the states, civilians prepare themselves for the next strikes and hope to make a recovery after all of the damages done.