The Night Agent Rising To Fame

Carmella Defina and Jessica Dow

The Night Agent is a new Netflix original that is now streaming on their platform. The show revolves around an FBI agent Peter Sutherland and Rose Larkin who used to be a cyberhacker. They were thrown into a conspiracy about who can be trusted in the white house, and who was really behind the metro bombing a year ago. 


The show was a huge success. Viewers spent  26.4 million hours viewed in just five days. “It also has positioned itself to likely be crowned one of Netflix’s all time most watched TV series. Since it was released it has tallied 385 million viewing hours. This makes it about 120 million away from being the all time top 10 TV list.” According to deadline.


The show features a talented cast that includes actors such as Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchana, and Sarah Desjardins. Gabriel has been in numbers of other shows and movies such as Super 8, The Big C, The Middle, and much more.  Luciane is a New Zealand actress who has also been in multiple other tv series and movies such as Chief of War and Filthy Rich.  Sarah has been in Cold Zone, Woman of the house, Riverdale, and more. The premise of the show is intriguing, and the fast-paced action scenes keep the audience engaged throughout the series.


Reviewers have had mixed opinions about ‘The Night Agent’. Some have complimented the show’s thrilling plot, while others have criticized the writing and character development.   “But “The Night Agent” does falter in certain areas. From the confusing motivations of its surprise villains to superficial conversations about delicate topics such as American intervention on foreign soil, the show leaves audiences searching for more.” States Sahil Balani from Brown Daily Herald. Despite some bad ratings the show has managed to create a buzz in the streaming industry and is worth a watch for fans of the thriller genre, according to Hollywood reporter.