Will The Owls Turn It Around?

Will The Owls Turn It Around?

Jaden Mwangi

The great lyricist Paulo Coelho once said “You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit.” For the Timberlane Varsity baseball team quitting has never been something that was in their minds. This program has been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. With the season right around the corner the boys of spring look to break out of the patterns that have taken place in the past years.

Three years ago the Timberlane baseball program became a prominent name in NHIAA baseball, when Alex Horgan decided it was his time to step up and man the baseball program. Horgan brings a passion to the game like no other and he looks to win a game on any given day. When asking Alex Horgan how he felt about his third year as the head honcho, he stated “I think I’m finally hitting my stride a little bit. I know a little bit more and I’m getting involved in more to better myself as a coach.” In his corner he has coach Fitz who is the wise elder of the staff and the glue that holds this program together. 

This lineup has one of the highest ceilings in the state but has to be willing to work tirelessly to make sure they can accomplish what they’re capable of. The Owls are led by Senior Jaden Mwangi who is a RHP committed to Nichols College. Mwangi Comes out of the 2022 season posting a 2.70 ERA with a record of 1-8. They also return offensive powerhouse Camden Zambrowicz who batted an astonishing .350+. The Seniors for the Owls have talent by where this team truly shines is their Underclassman. They return 3 kids that started as freshman last season, this three being Andrew Pantano, Liam Kelley, and Anderson Petry. Liam Kelley stepped up big in many different ways for the Owls last season showing the potential he truly has. Andrew Pantano was one of the best defensive players on the field everyday and even though he isn’t the biggest guy he always shows his massive heart on the field. Anderson Petry had minimal innings but when he didn’t he made it count and left everything out there. The Junior Class that the owls have also shows some potential and makes a playoff appearance seem like a real goal. 

This year the Owls look to add a new position to the staff that they will be calling the prospective assistant coach. Filling this role for the Owls will be the decorated Mr. Castano. After getting him to make time in his very busy schedule he had this to say about what he looks forward to this season “…I am very concerned with the changes of this new clock. The 15 seconds is going to change the game, I have been seeing some of the hitters at the plate and they aren’t ready by the 8 second mark. As the prospective assistant coach I can’t afford to lose a game due to my hitters not being aware.” He also expressed that the ban of the shift has ruined his plans for this upcoming season “Me and coach Horgan have spent countless hours creating a never before seen shift in the history of baseball. We were going to line up all 9 players including the catcher on the first base side but with the shift no longer in place we have wasted a whole off-season.”

With all the exciting preparation going on for the 2023 season the Owls look to regain their crown in the baseball world. The hunt for the title all begins on April 4th as the Owls of Timberlane take on the Exeter Blue Hawks at the Owls Nest at 4pm. Schedule to start that Game is Jaden Mwangi but that could change at any moment. Below is the complete schedule for your Timberlane Owls. Be there.. Be loud.. Be proud.. Gooooooooo Owls!!!