Was The SZA S.O.S. Tour Worth The Money?


Photo Courtesy of Live Nation Entertainment

Emily Paradis

Whether you love her or hate her, popular singer SZA is blowing up all over the world. Solána Imani Rowe, also known as SZA, is an American singer and songwriter born in St. Louis, Missouri. She started making music in the early 2010s and just recently released a new album “S.O.S.”. Her most popular song on this album, “Kill Bill”, has 609,831,513 streams on Spotify. 

With this new album comes a new tour. SZA set out on her S.O.S. tour starting in late February. I personally went to her Boston show and I’m here to give you the good and bad of the S.O.S. and whether or not it’s worth the money. 

Starting from the beginning, the show was set to begin at 8pm. An email was sent out to all attendees the day of the show stating that the doors would now not be opening until 8pm. The show started at around 9. The opener, Omar Apollo, was an amazing performer. A majority of the people in the stadium knew him and his music and he fit the vibe of the concert very well. 

The set consisted of a little over 20 songs. There was a good mix of old vs new songs and she played almost every song off her newest album. The shock factor of this concert was unmatched. At one point of the show a real life sized boat was rolled out onto stage where she and her backup dancers performed. That was then followed by SZA getting into a raft and being hoisted up above the stadium. She was practically flying above the fans and made sure she was visible to everyone in the stadium at any given point. 

My only complaint with this concert was that SZA only stopped to speak to the fans twice during the duration of the concert. Artists usually stop to talk about their songs and tell stories. There was little-to-no interaction with the fans during the concert.

Now for the important part…pricing. Truthfully the tickets were a bit pricey. The cheapest tickets I could find were $60 nosebleed seats on seatgeek, however it is always best to get tickets straight from ticketmaster to ensure you’re not getting scammed. If I had known the concert would have been delayed and SZA would not have interacted with the fans I most likely wouldn’t have purchased tickets so close to the stage. However, it is a good opportunity to make memories with your friends. 

Overall, the SZA S.O.S. tour is worth buying tickets for, however don’t spend money on front row seats expecting any interaction with SZA herself.