Murdaugh Murders

Matthew Williams

The Murdaugh Murders story has recently taken social media by storm with its new Netflix documentary. ¨The murders of Mr. Murdaugh’s wife Maggie, 52, and their son Paul, 22, a junior at the University of South Carolina, devastated the area of Lowcountry, where the family had built a legal dynasty¨, according to Rachel Sharp.The murders gained their fame as the Murdaugh murders. The show was mainly about their son Paul who was an alcoholic who crashed a boat and killed one of his friends. The reason this is important is because this boat crash is the reason the police started investigating this family in 2019.


Miley was Paul´s girlfriend and she said, ¨ Paul always got away with stuff because no one would dare to cross his father.¨ The reason for this is that Paul´s father Alex was a big time lawyer with a lot of money, and he owned the biggest law firm in their county. Miley also noted that ¨Paul has gotten in trouble with the law before for drinking and driving but it was swept under the rug as soon as the cop found out it was one of Murdaugh´s, MIley said. Then everything changed after the boating accident.


The Netflix documentary shows Paul and his friends leaving a bar, and Paul was responsible for driving everyone home with his boat but he was driving drunk. He ended up crashing at high speeds killing one of his friends. This was a huge deal for Paul, and it wouldn´t go unnoticed. Every reporter and cop was on this case and somehow Paul got released. This raised the question, how much does this family get away with? Later on they found out that four murders in the past five years were linked to Alex Murdaugh.


A few weeks after the boating accident the family killed their nanny because she knew too much, the Netflix documentary said. They tried to make it look like an accident but the police found out it was not. Furthermore, Paul and Maggie Alex´s wife and son were shot and killed on June 7th which wasn’t too long after the murder of the nanny. Alex Murdaugh is a smart lawyer so he never did talk to the press, but experts speculate that the nanny knew about all the criminal activity, and Alex thought he needed to get rid of her.


All these murders ended up getting linked to Alex Murdaugh and he was convicted to life in prison. However, there recently has been a new trial date for Alex to look over the case again. Alex´s brother Randy who is paul´s uncle had some words to share about this matter also. ¨I haven’t talked to my brother in a year due to family reasons, but when I came back to see what was going on, I could tell he was lying to me and he was guilty of the murders¨. Randy is also an attorney where he lives. Stay tuned for more information.