Star Wars Resurgence On Disney+


Photo Courtesy of Radio Times

Cam Ingram

Star Wars looks to be on the way back to the top with their TV shows being streamed on Disney+. At this moment their animated show “The Bad Batch ” centered around renegade clones in the fallout of Order 66 has four episodes remaining. However, they aren’t letting the heat die down as on March 1st, they dropped the first episode of season three of the extremely popular “Mandalorian” show which just released its second episode. 

The “Mandalorian” is centered around a wait for it… Mandalorian named Din Djarin played by Pedro Pascal. It also features some fan favorite characters from old movies and shows including Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Boba Fett (Temeura Morrison), and created for this show, Grogu or better known as Baby Yoda (he’s a puppet/CGI creation). It has also had some celebrity guests appear like Bill Burr in previous seasons. So far only two episodes have been released. Episode one reintroduces us to Nevvaro and Greff Karga. It also introduces us to a band of pirates led by Pirate Captain Gorian Shard. Episode two brought us to the home planet Mandalore and into the mines. After Din is captured Grogu goes off to get help. To prevent any more spoilers at the end of the episode there is quite the reveal that will shape this entire season.  Overall, it is a fantastic opening two episodes and has fans excited to see where this season goes.

The most recent Bad Batch episode returns us to the only member of the squad that didn’t go rogue, Crosshair. This is the second episode this season with him and over the two episodes he has become more and more disillusioned with the empire to the point to where after he and a fellow clone return from a mission extremely close to death he shot the insensitive officer. The episode ends with him in a lab being experimented on by the empire.

Overall, Star Wars looks like it is going nowhere anytime soon. With excellent storytelling in every episode fans have no complaints and are excited every Wednesday for the newest episode.


Completed Shows:

Clone Wars: 7 seasons

Star Wars Rebels: 4 Seasons

The Book of Boba Fett (Potential Season 2)

Kenobi (Potential Season 2)


Shows Being Released:

Bad Batch: 2nd season

The Mandalorian: 3rd Season



Andor: Season 2


Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

The Acolyte