Attack on Police Officers in Pakistan

Jack Birdsall

There was an attack on police officers in Pakistan where at least nine officers were killed, and eleven others injured in a suspected suicide blast which was claimed to be created by a newly formed militant group called The Tehreek e Jihad Pakistan (TJP). Although they claimed to be the group that did this attack, Pakistan’s interior ministry has not said whether TJP is behind the attack or not. This incident was the third major attack on Pakistan in the past few months, for the last one being in February, leaving four people dead and fourteen others injured. The attack previous to this was in january, being a suicide bomb killing at least one-hundred people. This is one of the deadliest attacks in years. Most of the people that died in that incident were police officials as well. 

The first attack was in January inside a mosque in northwestern Pakistan, “killing and wounding hundreds of worshippers”, officials said. This mosque was inside a major police facility, and killed more than 300 people. An eye-witness told ABC news that the roof also collapsed from the impact of the bomb. Most of the people that died were actually police officers, according to the hospital spokesperson.

February, in Islamabad, Pakistan, there were 4 people killed and 14 injured in an attack on a police station, using hand grenades and shots were fired as well.

These three attacks are the most that has happened in a long time as far as attacks in Pakistan.