Why You Should Not Vacation in Florida


Photo courtesy of India Times

Alexa Simone and Kadence Burke

Many people think about vacationing in Florida. It is in fact one of the more popular states to vacation in the United States. The thing is, Florida is not the getaway that everyone makes it seem. It may look so relaxing, exotic, and calm, but that could not be farther from the truth. Florida has horrible weather, the animals and people there are dangerous, and the crime is through the roof.  

If you are thinking about visiting Florida, think again after considering the issues that come with some of  the people who live there and the issues that extreme tourism can cause. Tourism not only creates traffic and pollution which will slowly destroy your favorite vacation spot, but it also creates an upward rate in crime. The reason crime is spiked is mostly because of large crowds compared to a small area.“Old Florida,” for example, attracts a lot of business for its shops. This attracts more crime like theft. Crime caused by large crowds of tourists is not all the crime that is committed; many of the people residing there commit their fair share of general crime. 

The running joke of “the Florida Man” isn’t just some myth or online joke. While people find it humorous, it is very much real. Florida is known to be home to a lot of crazy people. Here are some crazy headlines about the “Florida man.” “Florida Man Arrested On Allegations He Used COVID-Relief Funds To Buy Lamborghini”. Sheriff’s Office: Florida Man Bakes Dog In Oven After Torturing It To Death”. These Florida residents are no joke. 

Some of the most dangerous animals in the entire United States are located in Florida. This includes: the brown recluse, wild boar, the american alligator, and the bull shark. According to USAToday.com, Florida took third place when it comes to the most fatal animal attacks with over 247 deaths. “You may think that the answer is going to be alligators, snakes, spiders, or bears, but it is actually deer that cause the most human deaths, mainly through vehicle collisions,” says Paul Goodman, author of “The Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Florida”. Even the deer can’t be trusted in Florida.

 Alligators are absolutely terrifying to be around. If you want to be around a giant lizard that will eat your dog, go right ahead. Smithonian’s National Zoo and Biology Institute says that the American alligator can grow up to eleven feet long and 1000 pounds. While it is unlikely to run into one of this size, it is common to encounter these creatures. Florida also has roaches and deadly mosquitoes that carry diseases. This proves how dangerous the wildlife can be in Florida.

Florida might just have the most awful weather in all of the states. Florida is indeed hot, but it is also extremely humid too. WaterWeb says, because of this, it creates a breeding ground for natural disasters like hurricanes, waterspouts, tornadoes, and wildfires. These conditions can be extremely dangerous. According to PrimalSurvivor.net, there have been a total of 2,341 deaths, from hurricanes alone, since 2000. A Floridian resident named Rusty James says,”Too humid. Too vulnerable to tropical storms. Have I mentioned how humid it is?” This does not sound like a subtropical paradise. This proves how awful the weather can be in Florida.

Florida is extremely overrated considering the amount of bad qualities that come with vacationing there. The tourists and locals make it unsafe on their own, and when you add the wildlife into the picture it’s just not ideal. The crime is high, people are crazy, and the weather is awful. You have the entire United States of America to choose from for a vacation spot. Do not make it Florida.