Getting Ready for the Fishing Season

Braden Perras

The snow is starting to slowly melt. Even though we just got a nor’easter. But it is slowly starting to stay lighter out later, and the sun is starting to get hotter and hotter. That means fishermen are getting ready for the upcoming season.


 Put the shovels away and take out the fishing poles. With me having my own fishing boat I know I am ready for the season. I got it a few years ago with my dad, it is really not mine since it is expensive and my dad bought it, but I still use it. At the start of the season, it is time to tidy everything up.Your boat needs to be taken out and deep cleaned, and your rods need care also. To start with the boat, a lot of people just give it a nice wash, tidy a couple things up and it’s ready to go. But other people like to do a lot more things to get it ready. A lot of people like to wax and polish it, deep clean the floors, clean all the seats, clean all the windows one by one and wax the hull.I don’t have any particular cleaners because there are so many good ones out there, it’s all preference. Also, it’s good to get your hull water checked to check for any leaks anywhere. Next, you should move onto the fishing rods. Clean all of them off, take some of the line off and make sure there are no tears anywhere. Maybe take a ride to the store and spend some money on new hooks and fishing line. Besides that you’re good to go.