Automotive Shops Looking for Mechanics

Austin Patnaude

The demand for mechanics and technicians is higher than ever in today’s world. After our pandemic so many things changed and a lot of people were out of the trades and businesses were going bankrupt and having to lose all their customers leaving them for someone else to take care of, this is where all this demand comes from.


Automotive shops are hiring everywhere and for someone who is certified and has great skills that they can prove to the owner has the potential to make a lot of money. Most automotive shops have so much work that they need to turn down people’s requests because they do not even have time to get it done. For a mechanic working for a flat rate you can make 80 hours on your paycheck and only work 40 if you are efficient and good at your work. 


Not only are auto shops hiring everywhere but shops that have plenty of cars to fix and bigger, more complicated jobs are all willing to pay very well for the right mechanic. So, someone may be angry with the shop they currently work at because of the environment of it but this other shop hears about this guy from one another and he hears he is a great efficient mechanic. Next thing you know you are offered a job there and everywhere else that people hear about this person. It all comes down to demand, you are the person who can do the work and the employers are running low on people like you, therefore they are willing to pay higher and try to benefit you the best they can.


In conclusion, the demand and potential in the automotive world is higher than ever. It is a great opportunity for many people and a great way to make a living for someone who is interested in it.