Meet Chef Steve!

The Hoot Staff

The Hoot staff was very curious to learn more about Chef Steve and his exciting and delicious new menu changes.  In mid-December he was generous enough to take a few minutes from preparing some fantastic chili to speak with us.

As to where his ideas came from, he shared that he comes from a long history of working in restaurants.  He enjoys being creative in his food preparation.  He even used to own a restaurant in Providence.

His culinary journey began when he was only 11 and half years old.  He started working in a restaurant as a dishwasher, because he hoped to earn enough money to buy a guitar.  To his surprise he fell in love with the restaurant business.  He became a chef in his 20s and became the owner of his first restaurant.

When he cooks for himself he enjoys making Italian food.  Cioppino, a fish stew, is a favorite of his to prepare.  He also previously won a chili cookoff.

At Timberlane he enjoys the cooking, but he has also enjoyed the students.  Meeting new students each day has become something that Chef Steve looks forward to.

Preparing meals at TRHS is not quick.  He says it takes the food service staff up to four hours a day to get lunch ready.   He also provided some clues about what to expect in the future.  The meals will become more plan based to allow them to be healthier.  And he emphasized that he enjoys working with sauce.  How will that impact meals?  We cannot wait to find out.