Massive Cartel Bust Leaves 49 Arrested and 33 Tons of Drugs Seized


Photo Courtesy of CNN

Aiden Errico and Dante Auger

Europol has joined six other countries in its ongoing war against drugs, with massive success so far. “Operation Desert Light” targets not only the command of these drug cartels but also the logistics of smuggling drugs. Europol, as mentioned earlier, is joined by six other countries including Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, and the United Arab Emirates. 

The latest series of raids took place between November 8th and the 19th, with 49 suspects arrested during the investigation. Europol gives credit to the Drug Enforcement Administration for its role in helping take down the organization, which was also money laundering.  

Along with the 49 suspects arrested, a staggering 33 tons of drugs were seized during the multinational investigation. Europol commented on the massive achievement stating, “The scale of cocaine importation into Europe under the suspects’ control and command was massive”. Netherlands was where most of the suspects were arrested but six high value targets were arrested in Dubai. 

One of these high value targets arrested in Dubai is suspected to have imported more than a thousand kilos of cocaine into the Netherlands. This, along with the other suspects, were brought down when their encrypted messages were cracked by investigators.  

In 2020 around 214 tons of cocaine was seized but officials are hopeful that this year they can reach their goal of 330 tons of cocaine. Unfortunately, even with these massive bust, cocaine has never been easier to acquire in Europe. The price has only gone down, while the purity has gone up. Much like the USA, Europe is likely to struggle with drugs for the foreseeable future.