The Thirstiest Time of the Year


Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Lyla Macaluso and Emily Paradis

Sprite Cranberry is a staple of the Christmas Season for millions of thirsty Americans. One might say it’s so delicious, due to the fact that it was made out of spite. In 2006 PepsiCo unveiled their limited edition holiday “Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash.” Once Coca-Cola caught a whiff of their rival’s hot ticket item, they spent 7 years formulating the iconic Sprite Cranberry. 

This December, we look back on the OG holiday comfort flavor as it has been discontinued since 2019, and replaced with Winter Spiced Cranberry. This had led to many petitions for a revival of the drink. Most notable, the well respected website known as “” has a petition going with over 11 thousand signatures titled “BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL SPRITE CRANBERRY FOR 2023.” Comments from this petition put just how loved this drink was by the public. Chase Noodle commented, “Sprite cranberry is single handedly the most superior drink to all of mankind. This drink has brought families and loved ones back together for the drink. this drink is a literal fine dining experience.”

The flavor change has not allowed this meme to end however. After basketball star Lebron James collaborated with Sprite on an animated commercial promoting the drink, LeBron’s tagline “Wanna Sprite Cranberry” lives in infamy. Today in 2022, the hashtag “#spritecranberry” has a total of 410.6 million views on TikTok. After typing “wanna” on google, the first two suggested searches pertain to LeBron’s commercial. 

Are you thirsty? Better head over to your local grocery store quickly. This stuff is in high demand and we can’t make any promises it won’t be sold out if you’re too late.