Tornadoes Hitting the South


image courtesy of The Washington Post

Braden Perras

This past month, multiple tornadoes have been recorded hitting the South. Five tornadoes have hit Texas and Tennessee, with most intense activity hitting Northern Louisiana and Central Mississippi. It is said to be a “very dangerous situation,” stated the weather channel. Additional tornado watches were up and running until 11pm central time last Tuesday around Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

At least eight tornadoes were reported Tuesday afternoon in Louisiana and Mississippi. Around 7pm central time the weather service reported structural damage and downed trees from the twisters. At 8pm central time it was reported that there were damaged homes in Lowndes, Mississippi. It is said to have around 60,000 residents with damaged homes, and there were even some people trapped inside a store. Stated a local mayor. The storms are said to just be starting and people need to find shelter.

Over the last couple of days, Monday December 5th- Thursday December 8th, it is said that at least four tornadoes have swept over Alabama. Leaving two people dead, a mother and a child after being crushed by a tree. “The area and the community is devastated,” stated a local community member after talking to the Alabama breaking news station. The storms in Alabama continued for a couple more days before sweeping across the whole state. No more deaths or reported injuries were reported. 

Some 11,000 people were still without power as of Wednesday the 7th, stated, a website that aggregates data from energy providers. More than 30 homes were reported damaged in Hale County. The storm system was supposed to move into the Northeast on Wednesday afternoon, bringing rain, said Ashton Cook, a meteorologist. The South was spared tons of damage because a colder front moved in. -Stated from the WeatherBug news.