Letter Bombs Lead to Security Increases In Spain

Alexis Hornsby

Spainish law enforcement has increased security after a series of letter bombs were sent to many locations including the Spainish Prime Minister’s Compound and the US Embassy in Madrid. The security post of the U.S. Embassy intercepted the sixth and latest bomb at approximately 12:30 pm on Thursday, December 1, 2022. Likely due to the involvement of Spanish law-enforcement, no additional letter bombs have reached targets since that date.


Letter bombs, also called package bombs or parcel bombs, are bombs sent to the recipient through the postal service. They are particularly dangerous as they typically explode upon opening. These bombs may explode in the face of the recipient causing severe injury or death. On Reuters News, it was noted by Rafael Perez, the junior minister responsible for security, that some of the letters were designed to burst into flames rather than explode.


The letters were likely sent from inside Spain and five out of the six letter bombs were successfully neutralized, confirming that the government is successfully controlling  these threats. Reuters News reported, Pedro Rodriguez, a professor of international relations at Comillas University, said, “‘Regardless of the perpetrator, individual or organized, what we have here is an attempt to make noise. It starts small and gradually increases the number of targets,’ he said, adding that he believed the bombs were not the work of an individual.”.


It is unknown exactly who is sending the letter bombs, but the attacks appear to be retaliation against countries, agencies, and companies aiding Ukraine in their conflict against Russia. The bombs were first reported on November 24th after being sent to the Prime Minister’s compound. According to Reuters News, “Since Wednesday, similar devices were also sent to the defense ministry, an air force base, a weapons manufacturer and the Ukrainian embassy – where a security officer was slightly injured.”


These groups may have been targeted since they all have helped or supplied resources to the Ukrainian government or forces. For example, CNN reports that the weapons manufacturing company in Spain sent 1000 C90 rocket launchers to Ukraine. The air force base that was attacked housed a European Union Satellite center, which makes it a threat to Russian plans. 


The police have yet to identify who is sending the bombs and their reasoning behind it, but they are on high alert. According to Reuters News, Perez also reported that the postal service has been told to be on high alert for any suspicious looking packages addressed to high-profile institutions.