What Happened to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tickets?


photo courtesy of CA Times

Victoria Paquette

The dream of millions of fans is to see Taylor Swift live. With her upcoming Eras tour, which is her first tour since 2018. They finally got the chance until everything came crashing down. 


Because of the excited fans, as stated by Variety, the Eras tour broke a record with two million tickets sold in just 24 hours. That was just the pre-sale, by the time the day of general sale came around the prices drastically jumped. 


Ticketmaster was selling tickets for over $20,000 and this made millions of people, including Taylor Swift, very upset. She stated on her instagram story, “ It’s really difficult for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties, and excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse.” 


Artists do sign off and allow these companies like Ticketmaster to sell their tickets. With the amount people trying to all get tickets at the same time, the demand was high which automatically caused the prices to increase.


The tickets for her last tour, which was the Reputation Tour, varied from $49-$449. The jump from about $500 to $20,000 has obviously shocked fans everywhere.


This isn’t Ticketmaster’s first problem with raised ticket prices. Over the summer, Bruce Springsteen concert tickets were going for up to $5,000. Also this past weekend a Bad Bunny concert had a different issue with Ticketmaster. 1600 of his fans bought tickets and none of them were able to go in. NBC news said, “many were told that their tickets had been duplicated or ‘cloned.'”


CBS news said that after the presale for the Eras tour, there was supposed to be a general sale for these tickets the following Friday. General sale ended up getting cancelled because of the crash and price jump on Ticketmaster. 


For everyone to be able to see her, Ticketmaster stated, “based on the volume of traffic to our site, Taylor would need to perform over 900 stadium shows (almost 20x the number of shows she is doing)… that’s a stadium show every single night for the next 2.5 years.”