A Kardashian Christmas


Photo Courtesy of Us Weekly

Izzy DiNapoli and Jess Dow

Anyone who is a fan of the Kardashian Family knows about their extravagant Christmas traditions. From Christmas Eve parties to Christmas cards including the entire large family of kids and grandkids, the world seems to look forward to seeing how they will continue to top the years prior. 

Most people don’t wear custom designer ball gowns to their Christmas Eve celebrations, have a real life Santa, reindeers, and Grinch, have artists such as Sia and John Legend perform, and guests attend ranging from Drake, Paris Hilton, The Trumps, Justin and Hailey Bieber, and countless more. But the Kardashian family is not any normal family.  

The Kardashian Christmas Eve party dates all the way back to 1978, and has been held every year since, although it hasn’t always been as extreme as it is now. It began with Kris Jenner and her husband Robert Kardashian hosting it for her friends and family as her children were growing up. As the years have passed and their fame has grown, the party has become a tradition for viewers to tune in to see what over the top décor and themes the party would consist of that year. 

Not only is it a family event, it is a fun time for all A list celebrities to get together for the holidays. The list of attendees is chosen by the sisters and their mom Kris. Each year the theme and decorations are fueled by bigger and better ideas.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian and her then husband Kanye West hosted the Christmas Eve party, which cost about $1.3 million dollars for their “winter wonderland” theme. They even got fake snow to be produced for their backyard in Calabasas, and a man-made ski slope costing over $350,000. 

Another tradition of the Kardashian family is the annual Christmas card. The reveal of the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card on social media is always looked forward to by fans. Similar to the Christmas Eve party, the tradition of the Christmas card began a long time ago before their fame, and it evolved into something that millions of people pay attention to yearly.

Us, along with many others are excited to see this year’s Kardashian Christmas events and we hope to see the traditions continue for a long time.