Student vs Faculty Basketball Game


Photo Courtesy of Steve Boucher

Jaden Mwangi and Braidon Bowman

It’s that time of the year again. The Mealey’s Meals faculty vs students basketball game is Thursday, December 22nd in the gymnasium. The fundraiser has been going on for many years now and all proceeds go straight to the Mealey’s Meals Foundation. The fundraiser gives Timberlane students and teachers something to look forward to as they head into Christmas break. 

The teachers, currently on a 28-year winning streak, are more confident than ever going into this year’s game. Led by Kevin Fitzgerald and Tim Brown the teachers have another good chance of walking away with a win this year. When asked about the pressure of winning Kevin Fitzgerald states “there’s really no pressure. As Charles Barkley once said “There are a lot of people in this world with pressure, winning a student-faculty basketball game is not one of them.” Coach Fitz has racked up many records throughout the years. He holds the fundraiser’s all-time records in points, rebounds, assists, and steals. 

The teachers are very confident going into this game. Some may think age is becoming a factor as the years go on. Tim Brown immediately shut this argument down stating “Age is not a factor at all. It actually gets easier each year with experience. We will continue to dominate the students to prove age is not a factor.” The faculty team is coming into this game very confident but they could potentially be underestimating the student team. 

Although the teachers are undefeated going into this year’s game, the students are not backing down. This year the student’s team will be led by former basketball star Dante Auger and coached by varsity starter Jake Bilicki. Auger is highly confident his team will break the undefeated record the teachers hold. After a recent interview with Auger, he stated 

~ “There really isn’t much to say, the teacher’s winning streak ends this year.” ~

This could be the greatest game we have seen throughout the history of the fundraiser. Each team is coming into the game with tons of confidence. The game could come down to the wire due to the high level of competition both teams have.

No matter who wins all proceeds go to the Mealey’s Meals Foundation. Students and teachers throughout Timberlane are looking forward to the game. The event brings the whole school together by having a competitive atmosphere while still raising money for a great cause.