New Christian McCaffrey


Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Drew Morin

The San Francisco 49er’s have been a consistently mid-tier team for quite awhile. They made a playoff run in 2021 beating the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. Their playoff run eventually ended in the conference championship against the Los Angeles Rams.

Ever since then, they have been trying to rebuild their team. Starting out the season sitting comfortably around .500, they felt they could be much better. Running back Jeff Wilson Jr. was a solid running back for the 49ers, but requested a trade. The 49ers took that personally and decided they could do much better than Jeff Wilson Jr. They went out and got the best receiving back in the league, Christian McCaffrey.

Christian McCaffrey when healthy could put up hall of fame numbers. In 2019 he put up 15 touchdowns as a Carolina Panther. But his progress has slowed, only having 6 touchdowns in the last 3 years. With this inconsistency, the Panthers agreed to trade Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers.

In only his 2nd game as a 49er, he made history. On 18 rushing attempts he rushed for 94 yards and a touchdown. Adding to that, he caught 8 of 9 targets for 55 yards and a touchdown. If that wasn’t enough, he added a passing touchdown to his stat line.

Rushing, passing, and throwing a touchdown in a single game hasn’t been done since 2005 by hall of famer running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Christian McCaffrey in his 2nd game as a 49er with a very new offense was able to achieve this great feat.

I predict McCaffrey will finish the 2022/2023 season as a top 5 running back. And going into next year assuming all things go well, he has potential to be the best running back in the league.