Mr. Vigars… Taylor Swift Stan or Stalker?


Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Emily Paradis

As many of the students at Timberlane may know, English teacher Bradley Vigars has an undoubtedly unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift. Whether it’s at home or in class, Vigars makes it known that Swift is his number one love. 

32 year old Taylor Swift is an American Singer-songwriter who is very popular across the globe. Even those who don’t know Swift would know a few of her most popular songs like “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Shake It Off”. Swift is also the most streamed artist on Spotify with 79.2 million monthly listeners. 

Swift undoubtedly has millions of super fans however Vigars believes he is the one. 

“She’s my future wife and she knows it.” – Vigars 

Students in many of Vigars’ classes have heard the way he speaks about Swift and many wonder, is this a normal celebrity crush, or something more? 

In the past 3 months of classes students report hearing Vigars say things like “My wife is just my practice wife. Taylor Swift is my real love.”  Vigars also uses Swift’s 10 minute version of “All Too Well” as a 10 minute timer in his classes. 

 “On my line up of future wives is T. Swift at number one, Selena Gomez is number two and Vanessa Hudgens is number three. My wife is always number 5.” -Vigars

An outsider who doesn’t spend a block period with Vigars may not think these kinds of things are alarming. However, the comments stray further than what’s been displayed in this article. 

Fellow Timberlane English teacher, Mr. Deveney, also had something to say on the matter. “I don’t believe he’s a real fan, I don’t think he knows any of her songs other than “Blank Space” and “22”. When asked about her new album he told me it was “mid” and when other people asked he caved and gave it a higher ranking” Mr. Deveney. 

As this question still remains unanswered I’ll let you decide. Bradley Vigars… Stan or Stalker?