Chubb’s Fried Dough

Photo Courtesy of Carriage Towne News

Photo Courtesy of Carriage Towne News

Kenzie Flanagan and Niko Langlois

We all know the famous Chubb’s Fried Dough that comes to our Friday night football games and how good the fried dough is. Chubb’s only offers fried dough and fries but that line is wrapped around the entire fence, all night. What’s the big deal about this fried dough anyway? Have you ever tried it?

Some people think of Chubb’s fried dough as the highlight of going to these games and it makes it worth sitting in the cold. Though I have only heard good things about the fried dough and the fries, only some agree.

“The fried dough is gas 11/10 recommended, worth the line at the football game honestly.”- Emily Paradis… “The fries definitely aren’t as good as the fried dough but they’re still good.”

Personally, I have heard multiple people talking about the fries in not-so-nice ways. Some say the fries come out undercooked and soggy, even though they wait so long for them to be cooked. Some people have to understand that these fries are from fresh potatoes that they cook and peel right in front of you. If the cooks at Chubb’s don’t get these fries out in an orderly fashion, the already long line becomes even longer and people get impatient.

 At Chubb’s, you have several options as to what topping you put on your fried dough. From powdered sugar, cinnamon, and sugar for your fried dough to salt and vinegar for your fries, you have a variety of options. 

“The taste of the fried dough is amazing. I love the buttery taste and the crunchy texture. I don’t usually get the fries but when I’ve had them they have been good.”- Peyton Flanagan

“Chubb’s is amazing. Their fries are quite delightful, I like to put salt and vinegar on them. The fries are always served warm and taste great with or without ketchup. I don’t often get the fried dough, but it is also really good….” – B.Lang “… I like to put cinnamon and a lot of sugar on my fried dough to make the perfect snack.”

After hearing endless reviews on Chubb’s fried dough and fries, it’s safe to say that it is a fan favorite at the TRHS Owls football games. We love Chubb’s and we hope to see them next year!