The iPhone 14 Pro Release


Photo Courtesy of Apple

Landon Pettengill and Jake Manning

Is buying the new iPhone 14 worth the purchase or is the phone you have in your hand good enough. The iPhone 14 has recently come out on September 16th 2022. Unlike the 13 Apple decided not to make the iPhone 14 mini. 

The pro has one major upgrade for consumers is the notch for the camera and face identification. Many consumers complained about this notch as it was apparently in the way. But that’s all they upgraded adding in a better camera for all those high quality pictures. 

The thing that most concerns consumers is the battery life on the iPhone with the pro having 23 hours and the pro max having 29 hours. But what about just the regular iPhone 14 that has 20 hours of battery life. Apple may have changed the battery life but they didn’t change the look of the iPhone 14 as it may just be a little bigger than the 13 but you won’t be able to tell the difference. What Apple really has done is copy and pasted the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 14 and addressed a lot of the major problems like the notch and the battery life to the pros so you have to spend a lot more money. 

Going from the iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 is just a waste of money. They have the same capabilities and the iPhone 13 seems to be the better value for your upgrade as it will be much cheaper. Although going to a 14 Promax has its benefits and non benefits such as the cost of the iPhone but the iPhone 14 pro maxes introduces new ways to experience your freshly upgraded iPhone 14. 

Long battery life The Pill could get in the way
Live screen The cameras leveling system shutters occasionally 
Water and dust resistant  Big Cameras 
Emergency sos via satellite  Heavier 
Ceramic shield glass toughest glass on smartphone Live screen drains battery
Crash detection  Price  ($1,000)


As a owner of the new iPhone 14 pro I believe that it is a huge jump from the iPhone 12 and 13. My old iPhone 12 would die after half of the school day. The iPhone 14 pro lasted me through the whole day and then some. The camera quality is also amazing! It shoots video in 4K 60 FPS, Compared to the iPhone 13 with 4k 24FPS Videos. It blows it out of the water and it even has cinematic mode.  If you are in the market for a new phone I would 100 percent recommend the new iPhone 14 pro.