Timberlane Music Association Department Fundraisers

Ava Alexopoulos

From Applebees, to calendar sales, and to mattresses, the Timberlane Music Association Department has started fundraisers to raise money for the upcoming Disney trip during April vacation. The department is led by parent faculty parents and music directors that run many events associated with music. Many fundraisers have been scheduled for students to help and support the music department and it opens up many volunteer opportunities. The information about the Disney trip was live streamed with music director Kurt Schweiss providing guides and asking frequent questions regarding the trip. The fundraisers for this year were announced during a meeting with the music department along with small opportunities.

One small opportunity that started at the beginning of the year was the Applebee’s fundraiser. Students were given the opportunity to volunteer to help at Applebee’s for hours in order to raise money. One major fundraiser that happened was the calendar sale fundraiser. This is a common fundraiser that happens every year where students try to sell the most calendars and win some money. Students who win the money will have the money saved for their ticket to go to Disney. A brief description of the fundraiser was mentioned at the Disney Q&A night encouraging students to participate and win prizes.

Another fundraiser that was held was the mattress fundraiser. This was offered for students to help advertise new mattresses for people to buy and even dress up as a mattress mascot. A blue form was given and required a recommendation name from a student. People would bring the blue form to the mattress sale in the annex in Timberlane Middle School. The students could choose not to go to the fundraiser and would still get credit if the person they recommended bought a mattress with their name on the blue form. Some students also volunteer to dress up as actresses to make the sale more exciting. This is another fundraiser that can help with the payments for the trip.

The goal is to raise $2,000 for each students’ ticket if they plan on going to Disney. Kurt Schweiss states, “The TMA has a fundraising subcommittee that’s been working hard to provide more fundraising opportunities for students to earn money for their trip,” Before they can plan ahead, the music department needs to wait to see if Disney will allow them to perform there. The concert choir sent an audition recording of them singing the National Anthem and dressed up colorfully. Back in 2021, Disney had rejected the audition piece from the choir. Now they hope that Disney approves the field trip possible in 2023 to create memories and perform.