Philadelphia Eagles Soaring to Victory


Photo Courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live

Owen Furlong and Drew Morin

Who are the Philadelphia Eagles? The Philadelphia Eagles are an NFL team in the NFC East division. Their quarterback is Jalen Hurts who went to the University of Oklahoma. Jalen Hurts has been in the NFL for three years now. 

In the first week of the 2022 NFL season, the Eagles and Jalen Hurts played the Detroit lions. On The 2022-2023 season debut, Jalen Hurts threw for 243 yards. The Eagles also rushed for 216 yards behind the big line. The game’s leading rusher was Miles Sanders, who rushed 13 times for 96 yards. Jalen Hurts and the eagles are currently 6-0 on the season.

The Eagles have come out the gate swinging this season. They are launching to the top of the power rankings. The Eagles have beat the Lions, Vikings, Washington Commanders, Jaguars, and Cardinals. And with this winning streak, they have gained some respect from some people. One of these people is Mr.Nicoll, a teacher at Timberlane Regional High School.

When asked how he feels about the Eagles and Jalen Hurts this season, he replied, 

“The Eagles have been pretty solid out the gate, they haven’t really surprised me… I have been a huge Jalen Hurts fan ever since he showed up to Alabama squatting 600 pounds.

While some people believe Jalen has some flaws in his game, comparing him to Lamar Jackson. Saying he “Isn’t as fast” or “elusive.” But Jalen has been proving people wrong left and right. Mr.Nicoll added, “I believe he has become a better passer.” Jalen Hurts is ranked within the top 10 for passer ratings.

Now football games aren’t won purely on offense. Any good football team has a solid offense and defense. When asked how the Eagle’s defense has performed, Mr.Nicoll replied “They are alright, they’ve given up some points, but it really doesn’t matter right now because Jalen Hurts is just smashin’ fools.”