Maddies spinach dip This is my recipe and my review.

Image courtesy of Signature Cafe

Image courtesy of Signature Cafe

Madisyn Vance

I am maddie. I make spinach dip. This isn’t just spinach dip, this is spinach artichoke dip. Even if you do not like artichokes you’ll love this. I tricked one of my friends into loving the artichoke ingredient. I’ll give you the lazy rundown when I’m cooking. We will put spinach dip in a bowl with buffalo and parm. 

This one is for anyone who wants to pretend they put in effort when really they did not First step, go to shaws. I do not know if you can get these exact ingredients at other markets but I know shaws is a viable option. They have everything you need for spinach dip. They have the dip and the buffalo sauce and they have the parm cheese. You can get a block if you want to shred it yourself. These are the ingredients I buy when I’m lazy. 


 Of course the homemade one is better, but sometimes you have to settle. This dip is 4 dollars a tub. I suggest you get two. While out I would also get parm and buffalo. I like this parm cheese.


You really only need one tub of parm unless you want to mix the parm in the dip. Typically I don’t. I also add buffalo sauce. I like this one. It’s a classic. 


Once you have all these ingredients, you take them home and you get started. First you have an oven dish, like one that you would use to make pie. Then you put the tubs of dip in there. The containers are misleading and they don’t have as much dip as you think. Make sure that you spread the dip out in the store. Then I add some buffalo sauce. Just a little, not a lot. There’s no specific amount, add like 20-25 drops. Buffalo is very overpowering. Then add the cheese. All of it spread out on top. Obviously you can add as much as you see fit but I like it all. 


Then put your dip in the broiler or set the oven to broil until the top is bubbly and a little brown. Then you are done! I like my dip with tortilla chips, but you can use whatever you like. I also like melba toast.. She said, “maddie’s spinach dip changed my view on artichokes. Hated them and now love them. The parm cheese on top was a fun twist that tickled me lovingly. And when it was baked in the oven it was even better.”.


My dip is a must try and as an expert on my dip I know that for sure.