How to Win at Fantasy Football

Cole Priest

People all around the world want to know how to be good at fantasy football. In 2019 there were 45.9 million participants.Two years ago I went to the super bowl in my fantasy league, so I know what it takes to win.


One of the first things you need to understand is the points system. There are two main types of point systems. There is PPR ( points per reception) and there is the other one that is 0.1 points per reception. Most people do PPR, so I will talk about PPR drafting. 


For the draft, you want to get players who have done good in consecutive years and that do not have a recent or reacurring injury. There is usually a pattern to most fantasy drafts. In my opinion, The best way to draft is to start with a running back and build around him. People like to draft receivers in the early rounds like one and two, but they are not the only ones on the team catching the ball.


You always want to know your plan before the draft happens and make sure you do not settle for something you did not want. For example draft a running back and then build your team off everything else. For example the position you need and who the player has around him like if he is the star player or if he has a good quarterback throwing to him to name a few. You do not have to but it always helps if you actually watch the football games. There is something called the waiver wire where it is just a bunch of players who did not get drafted and if they do good or one of the starters gets injured people will pick up the person who is next on the roster for they’re team. So therefore watching the games actually gives an advantage.


In conclusion there are multiple ways to win in fantasy football but in my opinion this is  the best way to win in my opinion. Everyone has thier own way of drafting and that is what makes this fun. Most Fantasy pros state that  “Each time I go into a draft, I have a sheet of paper with me that lists exactly how many players I want in each position.”