Time To Dress Warm

Braden Perras

It is time to dress warm. The nights start to get unusually colder and the days start to decrease, the winds start to pick up and the leaves start to get ready to fall. Some places even get snowfall. You could say October is getting ready for the Winter month. And after that, the winter season is here. Many people dislike the Winter season because of the frigid temperatures, but maybe this will help you stay a little bit warmer.


In the month of August, especially toward the beginning, we are still dealing with pretty high temperatures. That is basically the last of it though, because as the month keeps going by, the weather keeps changing and changing. Towards the middle of August, you’re going to start to have days that really aren’t cold, but it is the wind that picks up and makes things cold. It is crazy how much the wind can make the difference on the day. You should have a nice windbreaker you can wear whenever you need to, windbreakers stop the wind from penetrating through your clothes. It can be a good 60 degrees out and sunny, but if that wind is howling it’ll feel like 30 degrees and freezing. Wind can turn a hot day into a jacket day in minutes, have that windbreaker and you’ll stay that much warmer. By the end of September, you are usually starting to bring a jacket with you if it isn’t a sunny day. A high school student Spencer J. Moody in my school was asked when he starts to dress warm, he stated, “I usually start to dress warmer at the beginning of November, that’s usually when the weather starts to stay cold and windy and I hate that.” Weather experts say, “You should 100% have a jacket on when the weather drops below 50 degrees and is windy, 


Towards the beginning of September, you will start to see the days getting shorter and shorter, also getting colder and colder. People will put away their shorts and t-shirts and bring out the sweatshirts and pants. A lot of people hate being cold, so they dress warm as early as possible. Towards the end of September, it is getting to be that time where it is just cold everyday. The hot days are on their way out and you are getting ready for Winter. You might see a couple sunny nice days there but shorts and tee shirts are uncommon and you’ll probably see a lot of people holding jackets everywhere you go. It is also starting to roll into prime fall. Another one of my classmates Austin T. Patnaude was asked when he starts to dress warm. He stated: “I start to layer up when the weather gets to about 40 degrees, I know that’s cold but I don’t mind it at all.”