Advantages of Diesel Fuel

Spencer Moody and Austin Patnaude

Diesel engines have been around forever, they’re known for reliability, ruggedness, and smooth operation. They have their cons like every other vehicle. When they break down they will cost almost double compared to the gasoline counterparts, but you will not be visiting that shop very much.


When you think about diesel, the first thing that comes to mind is big work trucks and heavy equipment, but they have evolved past that. Almost every type of vehicle has a diesel or gasoline engine option; both offer pros and cons. If you buy a diesel car you can expect to at least double your mpg and you won’t have to bring it into the shop as much. Diesel trucks have been known to make it past 300k miles on their original motors . One of our fellow students, Braden M.Perras, owns a truck with a 6.0 powerstroke because “it makes cool noises and “dumps a little coal.”


 When it comes to a diesel truck, it isn’t something you need as just a daily truck. That would simply be a waste of money. Diesel trucks are meant to be put to work. They can tow heavy loads because of their low end torque without problem and get through a lot of different terrain. They can rack up miles as high as 250,000 and still run amazing. Diesel motors are built to last. All those big rig Peterbilts and Mack trucks all run off diesel motors, and it is because they make the power and can handle being run like that all day. Those motors are about as tough as it gets; they go for 900,000+ miles and can be rebuilt after that to go for more.


In conclusion, diesels have evolved and are getting better and better as years go on. You see diesel pressure washers, heavy equipment, and big generators all with diesel motors. It’s because their great motors that conserve fuel, don’t break down, and put out good power. They can have a lot more pros than cons and are perfect for the right job. I see it everywhere at the excavation company I work for, and it is because diesels have the high torque they need and reliability to be ran all day.