Where to Pick Apples

Lucas Merrill and Evan Martin

There are many different locations to go apple picking in New Hampshire, however, Applecrest farm is the best orchard to visit.. Not only can you pick apples at Applecrest farm, but you may also pick fruits such as peaches, strawberries, or even blueberries! Applecrest also has multiple different activities such as a petting zoo, tractor rides, music, and more activities that vary to the season. 


According to the official about page on Applecrest.com, Applecrest farm is currently considered both the largest and oldest orchard in the state of New Hampshire. Applecrest farm opened in 1913, and it is owned by the Wagner family. In New Hampshire there are other orchards like Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard which is known for their family fun activities. There are also locations like Mack’s Apples which is located in Londonderry New Hampshire. Macks is the top rated orchard to pick your own fruits as Mack’s has the widest variety of fruits to choose from.


Applecrest Farm offers visitors a wide variety of New England’s favorite varieties of apples including Honeycrisps, Red Delicious, Cortlands, Macouns, Ida Reds, and Macintosh. At Applecrest, there are a total of 220 acres of apples to pick from. The apple bags available cost $15 for 1/2 Peck, $30 for a peck, and $40 for 1/2 BU. Not only are you able to pick apples, but there are many different fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, pears and pumpkins that you can choose from. For more information you can look on Applecrest.com to learn more about this Orchard. A review from Maurene_K on Tripadvisor said, “I visited Applecrest Farm Orchards where many of my fall favorite things from apples and pumpkins to cider, cider donuts, and squashes were featured.”

Not only can you go apple picking at Applecrest Farm, but they hold different events such as live music, and different attractions like a corn maze, tractor rides, petting zoos, lawn games, sunflower trails, and much more! An online written review from Emma Real said, “There is so much to do here! Live music, corn maze, sheep and goats to feed, food, and of course apples!” Applecrest also sells food such as sausages, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, yogurts, sorbets, and you can’t miss out on their apple cider donuts. Along with all these amazing events, you may also bring along your dog as long as they are well trained, on a leash, and you clean up after them if they have an accident.