Seniors Against Signing In and Out

Bella Keogh

Seniors at TRHS are required to sign in and out of the building when coming or going during the school day. TRHS does not allow for an open-campus where students can come and go as they please. Seniors must use the sign out sheet in the front office before exiting or entering the building during school hours. 


Seniors are unable to leave and return without signing in. Senior opinions vary on this rule. Some find it frustrating to be unable to leave the building during their free periods, and come back to the school after.


Senior Jake Bilicki said, “I don’t mind signing in and out of the building, but I think we should be able to leave during second or third period and come back.”


Many seniors have free periods in second or third period, the students have to utilize the school’s library, cafeteria, or courtyard for a means of studying. 


Though the sign in rule can be irritating and out of the way at the front office, it is set for an important reason. This method is utilized so that the TRHS administration can keep track of who is in the building in case of emergency. 


According to Vice Principal Mrs. Harbel, “If we didn’t have that list, or if people are not signing in/out, we could have a situation where someone gets hurt because we don’t know they are here or where we send in someone after one of our students because we think they are in danger (but they aren’t actually here).”

Though there is good reason to apply the sign in rule in regards to student safety and keep the school a closed campus, many seniors would rather go off campus during free blocks. 


Senior Alexis Hornsby said, “If I was allowed I would definitely leave and go on a “dunks” run for some energy.”


All in all, the sign in rule is set in place for good reason, but isn’t necessarily liked by the seniors. Students must sign in and out of the building to ensure safety for the students and teachers. Many seniors would prefer to have an open campus, but understand the circumstances and rules.