Is Hocus Pocus 2 Worth the Watch?


Photo Courtesy of Disney+

Kenzie Flanagan and Niko Langlois

Is the new Hocus Pocus movie as good as people said it would be? Some people say the new movie is “the perfect sequel to the classic film” but some may disagree. Some say the new movie is too “Disney-fied” and “lost its classical touch.” The new characters were definitely not a hit, they seemed so one-dimensional, didn’t they?

We all know and love the original Hocus Pocus, the story about 3 witches “Winnie, Sarah, and Mary” and the kids “Max, Dannie, Thackery, and Allison” and how they battled the witches to save their town and themselves. Everyone loved how this movie played out and we were excited to see the sequel. Clearly, some of us were disappointed. 

We interviewed some people in school and asked how they felt about the new movie. Mr. Deveney reviewed this movie and said “Bad.” Emily Paradis said, “I’ve only heard bad things so I’m refusing to watch it so I can pretend that it’s really good.” I wish I could do what Emily plans on doing. I also looked up some online reviews from people all around the world.

 “Waited 29 years for this movie! What a disappointment from Disney! Childhood memories ruined!” This woman waited 29 years for this movie to come out, that is insane. 

“Deeply disappointed. It attempts to turn the witches (child eaters) into good people….” 

…this person named their review, “A politically correct Hocus Pocus” What do you think?

Few people think this sequel was a hit and many were disappointed. I wonder what took Disney so long to make a movie that is so awful. Personally, I was so excited for this movie to come out and loved all the hype there was for the release. Overall, a very disappointing series of events.