Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Explosion! People Say Sabotage?


Photo Courtesy of Sky News

Landon Pettengill and Jake Manning

Nord Stream Pipelines 1 and 2 are key for transporting natural gas from Russia to Europe when they suddenly sprang leaks hours after each other. European Presidents are calling this sabotage because of the damage to the pipes in different locations. With no one pointing fingers at the offender. However, Russia is blaming the U.S. and its allies.

The Nord Stream pipes run under the Baltic Sea. The pipeline at a certain point of time was the main point of stress between Russia invading Ukraine. Sweden’s security ran an investigation that showed there were detentions on the pipes.  Authorities state that when they recorded leaks off of Sweden and Denmark they recorded 2 explosions in the area. 

On September 26th, Seismologists announced explosions in the area of unusual Nord stream pipeline leaks. They were based in international waters but within the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark.

The largest leak produced a 1-kilometer of surface disturbance on the Baltic sea, while the tiniest leak produced a circle that was 200 meters in diameter. According to evidence from Denmark’s armed forces at the time. What is generating these gas leaks is still a mystery.

The Explosions had Richter scale magnitudes of 2.3 and 2.1, and were presumably caused by explosive loads weighing “several hundred kilos.”

Climate scientists are referring to the frightening images of gas gushing to the top of the Baltic Sea as a “Reckless release.” of greenhouse gas emissions, which “amounts to an environmental crime” if they were done on purpose.

 The U.S. is considering offering the analysis of the underwater audio recording to help the Nord Stream 2 pipeline Sabotage. The U.S. states that “The U.S. has the best sensors in the world to detect sound and pick meaningful information out of the noise in the water.”  The images from satellites from the days before the leaks, according to officials, are useless.