Why You Should Be Wearing Platform Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Adidas

Photo Courtesy of Adidas

Lyla Macaluso

Don’t like getting your feet wet when roaming shoeless though the streets? Neither did the elitist French in 1547. Meaning if you’ve ever worn platform shoes, you have the same thought process as the refined mind. 

You may be thinking, stop. Platform shoes should stay in the 70s where they belong. Alas, they weren’t just for weekend discotech goers, in the late 90s and early 2000s they were the moment. 

The shoe overtook mainstream media in the 90s with sneakers, specifically with the spice girls, whose outfits are now a staple of late 90s and early 2000s fashion. Britney Spears, or the princess of pop, had also worn these shoes on the red carpet, stage, and on the street in her free time. 

Tom Cruise, one of the highest paid actors, Robert Downey Jr, Iron man, Mick Jagger, lead of the rolling stones, and Sylvester Stallone, the world heavyweight champion. These icons did it and still are. Big name brands like Adidas and Converse to Versace and Gucci, people of all “classes” can most likely get a pair for themselves. On top of that, these are doctor recommended opposed to stilettos, slippers, and sandals. Keep wearing these and eating your apple a day, you’re living a long healthy life! 

Here’s what some of the people have to say about it. Riley McGrath went off. She said, “ They were gifted to me on Christmas, I didn’t ask for them, but it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Some people thought they were really cool… and they really liked the height. I don’t necessarily feel like they are more comfortable physically, but I definitely feel more comfortable myself, but it doesn’t matter if they are comfortable if you feel cute. I definitelyyyy like the platform better than a regular height.”

 Izzy DiNapoli, an owner of many, said, “ They make me taller, I’m short, and I think they look better than regular size ones….people at school like them too. I would always get platform now over the regular shoe.” Adam Noyes was very passionate in his response, he said, “I thought they looked and I saw a lot of other people with them, and I thought I want some myself! They are certainly more comfortable which is always a good thing to have. They are also more comfortable, other ones hurt my “pups.” 

These shoes will change your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. So hop on them! Maybe you are freshman who keeps getting your lunch money stolen? Great news, strap into your platforms so you can look down on that bully and politely ask them to stop! #PlatformNation