Timberlane Parking Fiasco

Photo Courtesy of Seacoast Current

Photo Courtesy of Seacoast Current

Julia Johnston and Riley McGrath

TIMBERLANE STUDENTS have some unaddressed concerns after receiving their new assigned parking spaces this school year.

Students of all grades have a lot to say on this matter. Timberlane Senior, Adam Noyes, describes his personal situation. “Quite frustrating,” he says, “Because I have to wait like 25 minutes behind the buses everyday, and I also have to work everyday.” He does go on to say that he prefers this parking over the Junior SAU parking. He describes, “Parking in SAU was worse because it was such a far walk, especially in the winter time it got annoying.”

At TRHS, Juniors are typically assigned a spot down in the SAU lot, and Seniors are usually assigned spots by the cafeteria or behind the building. 

Another Timberlane Senior, Olivia DeLegge, has different thoughts. Infuriated about the wait for the buses, she expresses “I actually preferred parking at the SAU. I don’t get why Juniors get the SAU and some Seniors are stuck waiting for the buses every day.” 

More issues arise with students complaining of other students not parking in their assigned spaces. School administrator and Vice Principal, Mrs. Harbel addresses the protocol to follow if this occurs. “If a student has a pass and breaks any conduct rules their spot can be taken away or suspended by the admin, that is discipline… If you have to park in someone else’s spot because someone is parked in yours, go to the office, there is a form you can fill out.” 

There is also disciplinary action towards parking in a spot without an assigned tag. Harbel describes, “If you do not have a spot you will be given a warning ticket first or a parking ticket by the SRO. “

Harbel addresses the importance of obeying the traffic laws and continuing to wait for the buses. “So, the rules are very important, the parking regulations are important, to keep everyone safe. There are a lot of students, middle school students, parents…Don’t want anyone to get hit pretty much” As for the bus situation, “The buses .. the only solution would be to get rid of that parking.” 

Mrs. Harbel has received a lot of concerns on the parking situation. She acknowledges the hope that the students have about adding more parking and goes on to say, “I do not believe there are any plans to make more parking, simply because we do not have the space or funding for it…but we may be able to squeeze a couple of new spaces when we restripe and renumber the spots.”

Mrs. Harbel advises to continue contacting her with any questions or concerns regarding student parking. “Yes, they can email me, I may not always be able to help, but we encourage students to come to us for help. This is my first year doing the parking…so I am open to suggestions to bring to the admin team.”

Parking at TRHS is an ongoing concern as there are typically less assigned spots than students. Administration will continue trying to accommodate each student the best they can, and to clarify any questions or concerns regarding the parking. Admin asks that students continue to be patient. “Since the parking is already set for this year, there is not much we can do for this year.”