Destiny 2: Setting Sail in the Sea Stars


Photo Courtesy of Steam

Aidan Gelinas

On August 23rd we got a peek into what the next few months for the destiny 2 live service game will be like, now that we have had some time to digest the seasonal content here is what we have been given..

Season Of Plunder takes a swashbuckling turn from what was a fairly emotionally driven season during the summer and while I do not doubt that this season will have its more serious moments it does seem more lighthearted than Season of the haunted, Plunder takes the seasonal formula and split in into three core activities two of which are infinitely re-playable.

However we cannot talk about just the good parts of season 18. The destiny 2 community is rather tired of the formula that has been used since season of the undying now after ten entire seasons (roughly 2 years) popular consensus on social media platforms such have reddit have spoken out on how it is time for some change and these opinions are widely popular as of now.

Let’s start with Ketch-crash is a ship to ship combat engagement in the form of a 6 player activity, it takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes per completion feedback for ketchcrash is very mixed players are getting more and more tired of seasonal loop. However one very unanimous positive has been the variety of activity expedition (3 player activity very similar to black armory forge) and ketchcrash while stale on there own give the season a boost as a whole.

Arc 3.0 was another mixed bag initially but over time has earned a significant amount of favor in the players base after gaining access to the seasonal mods (looking at you trace evidence)-ability generation is phenomenal and it fills the chain lightning fantasy it was aiming to fulfill- however after season 18 when the seasonal mods are refreshed it is undetermined if arc will have much relevanceĀ 

Now for my personal favorite aspect of any destiny 2 seasonā€¦ The story! Four weeks deep i can say it delivers a lot of potential only time will tell if that potential is met for now here are my thoughts as well as the community~ Erimis the main antagonist of beyond light released November of 2020, has been freed and she is brewing up a plan she has rallied the old crews fallen (or eliksni as us guardians call them) pirates have given erimis their loyalty. Mithrax kell of house light along with his daughter eido have offered there many hands, But they aren’t alone the drifter and old acquaintance of his have given us their hands as well i’m just brimming with excitement wondering how this seasons story will play out.

Overall, Season of the Plunder has mixed reception but most would say it’s still worth your time. I hope to see you all on the deck of a ketch with loot in your pockets!