Timberlane’s Spirit Week

Cole Priest and Sean Ward

October 17th is the most important week in Timberlane’s school year. Why is that? it is the start of this year’s spirit week. There’re so many exciting themes, ones that have never been seen before.

According to the school’s historian Jessica Dow , “There’re new themes this year that have been approved by popular demand.” People are excited to see the full potential of spirit week. As this is the first year of spirit week that hasn’t been affected by covid since 2020. Spirit week stretches for five days when it was commonly only four days due to Columbus Day. Each of the five days will have its own theme that ranges from Adam sandler to color day.

The spirit week’s schedule has finally been decided. Monday kicks off spirit week with Mismatch Day.Tuesday is Adam Sandler Day, so don’t forget your baggie clothes. Wednesday comes a little sleepy as it’s Pj Day. On Thursday, dress up as a snobby country club boy or an old time country western man because it’s Country Club vs Country Day. Finally, on friday it’s the school’s color day. Seniors don’t forget your togas and you better cover those nipples. Now remember the wise words from Mr Woodworth, “Spirit week is what we make of it.” The students must make the same choice as Cole Priest: ”They said drip or drown and I chose drip.”

In the past, spirit week has been looked forward to by all of the students and teachers. The school holds spirit week so that all of the students and teachers can show off their school spirit.