Two Way Halls Are Back


Photo courtesy of Jake and Bella

Jake Bilicki and Bella Keogh

Two long COVID-19 years have passed; along with the TRHS students and staff returning this fall, so are two-way hallways. Both sides of the hall are being utilized allowing everyone to get to class on time, and in the easiest way possible. 


The two-way halls were set in place to aid social distancing, and keep students more spread out while in the halls. This hall system was set in place from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2022. Administrators felt it was the right move this school year to remove all remaining COVID-19 restrictions including one-way halls. 


According to Assistant Principal Mr. Brown, “I don’t really mind one way or the other. If the teachers and students are happy then I’m happy with it as well.”


There are positives to being able to go up and down the hall as you please. Walking an entire loop to get to a class that could have been a one minute walk began to get old. The senior class hasn’t experienced two way halls since their freshman year until now, so it is a nice privilege to have back.


According to TRHS student Cole Priest, “I feel it is a positive change in the school’s atmosphere. People can take any path they want, and we like it.”


Though the general consensus is happy with the original hall system to be back, some have some negative thoughts about the halls.  According to Alexis Hornsby, a student in the senior class,  “I like it, but I’m more afraid to bump into people when I turn a corner.”


Being bumped into, and being crowded in the halls are some issues that make the two way halls slightly irritating at times. All in all, it is nice that the hallways are back to normal, and they seem to be putting smiles on faculty and students’ faces.