New Member Added to the TRHS Staff


Photo Courtesy of Jack Abel

Jack Abel and Landon Pettengill

The Administration’s brand new addition to the owls is ready to start a new year at Timberlane. Ms. Foley is new to the administration team but has taught in the past at Manchester Memorial.

We asked Ms. Foley some questions and she got back to us with some great answers!

Questions Answers 

What does a day of working at Timberlane look like? “A day of working at Timberlane is both exciting and busy! I do my best to be present in the halls, introduce myself to the many fabulous staff members and our great students. Even though we have only all been in the building together for five days, I can already say no two days are the same, which is what I like! While you are in the classrooms learning and having fun with your peers and teachers, we in administration are working the behind-the-scenes magic.”
Do you have any former teaching experience? “I was an English teacher at Manchester Memorial High School for a decade before I joined the TRHS team this summer.”
What made you choose Timberlane? “I have family in this district who are all pleased with their kids’ education – they speak very highly of the Timberlane school community. Additionally, I was drawn to Timberlane’s sense of community: no one is on an island here; everyone helps everyone because we are all here to achieve the same goals.”


We think Ms. Foley is a great addition to the Administration. She brings a lot of good activities to the table. Her goal is to help improve and provide support for after school programs and clubs to bring the students together. 

Overall, Ms. Foley is super excited to work with the students and staff at Timberlane Regional High School.