A New Guidance Counselor?


Photo Courtesy of PHLCVB

Niko Langlois and Dante Auger

Have you heard about the new guidance counselor here at Timberlane? Her name is Mrs. Jeffords and she is an amazing counselor who has been working in different schools over the past 15 years. She started as an administrative assistant and then decided she wanted to become more involved in students’ lives by becoming a guidance counselor. She is so excited to be here at Timberlane and we are going to be telling you a little bit about her.

We asked Mrs. Jeffords to tell us a little about herself and here are just some of the many things we learned. Mrs. Jeffords grew up right outside of Philadelphia, PA but got her master’s degree at the University of Vermont and UNH. While in college she also worked a full-time job which is pretty impressive if you ask us. Mrs. Jeffords was also very involved in several different sports including field hockey, swimming, track and field, and softball. Talk about a multi-sport athlete! She enjoys a variety of different activities like cooking, birding, gardening, listening to music, hiking, and yoga. After she graduated from college she lived in California for 8 years where she worked in several different schools and was also a nutritionist for a short time. Mrs. Jeffords is married and has an amazing dog that she loves very much.

Overall, Mrs. Jeffords is beyond excited to be here joining us at TRHS and we couldn’t be happier to have her. She loves being involved with the students and helping out when she can, she enjoys the strong sense of community we have here at school. We think she’s a great addition, don’t you? If you have Mrs. Jeffords as your guidance counselor you are seriously lucky! We can’t wait to see how she does here at Timberlane. Welcome, Mrs. Jeffords!!