Is Celsius the Best Energy Drink?

Bryce Parker

When you are feeling tired and you want something to give you a boost of energy there are many options to choose from. The top three best tasting energy drinks you can buy are Reign energy, Ghost energy, and Celsius energy. They are the best fuel with the best taste. Reading the back of an energy drink can get very confusing, because not only do they have caffeine but they have loads of other benefits to them. Some have focus, some have BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), and some burn fat. But which is the best to buy?

Depending on your needs, there is an energy drink that will fulfill them. If you  want to stay focused longer then Ghost energy is the way to go, if you want energy mixed with BCAA then Reign is the way to go, and if you want a more fit body fat burning energy than Celsius is the way to go. Many different substances go into every drink one of the most popular that people look for is BCAA  is a substance that helps with the increase of muscle mass faster, reduces muscle fatigue, and decreases soreness after your workout. 

If you want to stay focused during your day or during your workout, you would want to look for  NeuroFactor. This is a substance that helps increase your brain activity. Helping with memory and higher thinking. Ghost energy has 100 mg of NeuroFactor helping  increase  focus. Ghosts energy’s caffeine increases your energy and gives you neurofactor helping you increase focus. 

If you are looking for healthy energy? then Celsius is what you want to go for. This energy drink is a natural, healthy alternative to energy drinks. It uses green tea extract instead of other caffeine substances. It helps burn fat and accelerate your metabolism.  Without the other chemicals that other big popular companies use. 

Overall in my opinion, the best energy drink is Celsius energy a healthier fat burning energy that has many different flavors with amazing tastes and flavors.