The Entourage: Timberlane’s Next Big Hit?


Photo courtesy of Sean Hurley

Cole Newman

When people hear about comedy at Timberlane High School, their first thought will probably be the Milkmen Improv group. The Milkmen were established in 2008, and since then have been a staple of the Timberlane community. This month, a new group put on a show in the recital hall, and that group goes by the name of TRHS Entourage. 

The Entourage is a sketch comedy group that was started this year by Milkmen member and wrestler Erik Kappler. The group is made up of members of the milkmen and the Timberlane Players. The first show was on April 6th, and although it was just their first show, there was a lot of buzz surrounding this promising group. They offered all 100 tickets for free since it was their first show, and they managed to distribute all of them. 

When asked what inspired him to start this new group, Entourage founder Erik Kappler said that his love for skit comedy actually emerged during American Studies class junior year. The teacher gave Erik’s group a project, and one of the options they could present to the class was a skit. “I thought it was pretty funny, and I thought about how much funnier it could be in a more professional setting,” said Erik Kappler. Kappler believes the Entourage will remain a staple at Timberlane for many years to come. “Improv comedy is great, but this type of comedy can get more people involved since not everyone can jump right into improv,” said Kappler. By providing a script, almost anyone can get involved in the comedy scene at Timberlane without much prior experience. 

I attended their first show with a few of my friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. For being their first show it was very well put together, and the skits were pretty funny. Emma Cochrane, another member of the audience, said that it was a much more organized format than the milkmen, (although the milkmen are intentionally disorganized in a way). Overall, there was a great outpouring of support for their first show, and it seems the Entourage has everything lined up to have much more success this year with their next show planned for May 26th.