Is Morbius The Worst Marvel Movie Ever?

Max Morrier

Morbius is a story about Doctor Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto.  This movie was supposed to come out in 2020, but it had about five delays.  It was released on April 1 2022. The movie takes place in Sony’s own universe which has Venom and possibly Andrew Garfeild’s spiderman. 

The story begins with Morbius and Milo as kids. Each of the childhood friends suffer from a blood disease that affects their entire life, and they both want a cure.  Morbius then becomes a doctor when he gets older and struggles to find a cure.  Then he experimented with vampire bat DNA which turned him into a living vampire.  Then Milo took the therum and they were both vampires, and they did not agree with one another about how they would use their powers.

   I personally really liked the movie for a couple reasons.  I really liked the characters because they were not trying to introduce 20 characters in one movie.  Milo was my favorite character because he was a memorable villain.  Morbius’s mentor figure was also very cool but unfortunately he did not survive.  Morbius’s girlfriend was also a likable character, but the whole relationship was kind of rushed.

The movie’s run time was one hour and 40 minutes so the story was rushed.  The action was one of my favorite parts of the movie but unfortunately there was not much of it.  Sony always seems to cut movies to less than two hours just like the Venom movies.  Sometimes this tactic works but with Morbius it should have taken its time to tell the story.

The trailers show scenes that were not even in the movie, so I would like to see the directors cut with all the scenes.  After Morbius turns himself into a vampire the movie starts rushing to the end and it is clear that there are scenes missing because some things just happen without an explanation.

The action was very unique and the visuals were really cool.  Morbius and Milo would produce smoke streaks as their trails when they would be moving fast.  I think that this movie would have thrived from an R rating because it is a vampire movie with some horror vibes.

A Rotten Tomatoes reviewer named Richard Whittaker says “So many choices… just seem halfhearted. They’re not terrible, but they’re also not interesting.”