Gigantic Tides Swallow Sydney’s Famous Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most popular beaches because of its beautiful white sand, the businesses surrounding it, and the typically perfect waves.


Bondi beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches as well as one of the most popular tourist areas. Before April 4th, the conditions of the beach were beyond gorgeous, including perfect surfing waves, and of course, a bright sunny day.   On Monday, April 4th, waves on Bondi Beach, Australia smashed into the sides of multiple buildings. The waves and the high tide caused flooding to and around the buildings along the beach.


The waves reached a max height of 7.3 meters (roughly 24 ft) and the high tides helped the waves cause severe damage. These waves also brought debris onto the beach, and in a picture supplied by James Alcock, a small sailboat “damaged on the shore of Manly’s East Esplanade on Sydney Harbour following massive swells and stormy weather”, from


After the damaging waves passed, some swimmers entered the water and as a result, became sick due to the dirt and debris in the water. The beaches were reopened on April 10th, however, Waverley mayor, Paula Masselos, “urged beachgoers to avoid entering the water for at least a couple of days.” This would be due to the debris and other dangerous material that could be in the water. 


According to Mayor of Northern Beaches Council, Micheal Reagan, “crews had been on the ground over the weekend assessing the damage at several locations and securing sites that were not safe. Thankfully, we’re past the worst of the damage caused by heavy seas over the last couple of days.” 


Bondi Beach clean up efforts are still in progress and the beach will recuperate quickly. It will be back to being a popular destination for locals as well as tourists in no time.