The Oscars

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Amy DiVito

The Oscars were held on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. This was the 94th annual Oscars and the Oscars started back on May 16, 1929. This year three women hosted the Oscars ; Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall, and Amy Schumer. This was the first real host since 2018 when Jimmy Kimmel hosted. The film that got the most nominations was “The Power of the Dog” with 12 nominations, but that night they left with only one award. The film that won the most Oscars was “Dune” walking away with six awards. 

The most shocking event was the Will Smith and Chris Rock encounter. Chris Rock made a GI Jane joke to Jada Smith, she had to shave her head because she had alopecia. At first, Will laughed but then he noticed that Jada was not happy and walked up to Chris. When he walked up there Chris said on ABC network “Uh oh Richard”, referring to the character he plays in “King Richard” but Will slapped him right across the face. Leaving the audience very uncomfortable and quiet. It made for a very uncomfortable best actor speech when 20 minutes later Will Smith won. 

There were some heartwarming moments before like CODA winning both best picture and best adapted screenplay. Troy Kotsur, the main actor in CODA told 12 news, “I don’t have a chip on my shoulder anymore. I feel relieved. And now it’s just a new chapter in my life.” The speech he said was also one of the most heartfelt speeches. He told about how much of an honor it is to win and also says “He says this is why his Oscar win is important. CODA, which stands for children of deaf adults, tells the story of a CODA navigating her music dreams. ”Meaning this award is not just for him but for every child and even parent who is overcoming the struggles of having a deaf loved one. Even with these highs and lows this was one of the most interesting Oscars.

This year the nominees had a lot of speeches about helping Ukraine and even had a commercial playing in between the Oscars. They had Mila Kinis talk about what is happening and how to help. They had her talk because she is from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Mila Kunis said “Recent global events have left many of us feeling gutted,” she said, referring to Russia’s war on Ukraine. After she spoke they played an ad that said “We ask you to support Ukraine in any way you are able #stand with ukraine,” another message read “I like how they used this platform to shine light on a global crisis” says current global events.

I think this year the Oscars really shined on important events, and I think that helped from the last two years where covid made some go online and felt less personale.  Even with the whole Chris Rock and Will Smith fight I would say this year was one of the best Oscars and had a lot of diversity with many international films winning and even international songs.