Timberlane Prom Around the Corner


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Alyssa Kontos

Timberlane Prom is less than two months away! Prom is going to be here sooner than you think. Are you excited for this event? Are you prepared? Have you gotten your dress or suit yet? 

Prom is an event everyone looks forward to since the beginning of high school. It is also a big event with the senior class before graduating and going our separate ways. It is also a nice event to get dressed up and enjoy the night. Many people in your senior class you may not see in a few years from now, so live every moment. You also make so many memories at this event. 

Timberlane’s prom is on May 20, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Atkinson Country Club. That is a little over a month away. That is a little while to get everything you need… but may be stressful. Prom is an expensive event but is worth every penny. 

There is so much to do for prom. Such as getting a dress or a suit, getting shoes, jewelry, nail appointments, hair appointments, makeup appointments and so much more. This can be a stressful event but also very fun. 

This can be stressful because a lot of money is spent around this time. Money is spent on prom tickets, a dress or suit, shoes, hair, nails, makeup, and jewelry. 

Prom only happens about once for everyone with some exceptions. Some may go more than once or some may not go at all. But for many it is a once in a lifetime event, which means make the most out of the night.

Prom is a very exciting night. Prom is coming up soon so make sure you are prepared and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the night!